Friday, October 7, 2011

Pan American Center seating story

Here is my story on the new Pan American Center seating capacity. I talked and or emailed with several season ticket holders. I was expecting a mixed bag but nobody had anything negative regarding the atmosphere. I noticed that people also seem to be happy with the price ranges for season ticket sales.


Anonymous said...

The PanAm should be expanding, not shrinking!

The Ath. Dept. knows very well that attendance has gone down every year since Menzies set foot on campus.
Now they try to mask the attendance by closing the top section to look good on TV and when recruits are in town!

When Reggie was the man, we needed extra space. Heck, it was remodeled because he was bringing in the fans.
It is sad to see where attendance is at since MM took over!

Anonymous said...

It's a silly waste of time blocking off those seats. Leave them and let the people who want to sit there, sit there.

If we the Aggies play well and their record is reflective of such, then the fans will come.

Anonymous said...

The Pan Am was remodeled because of Reggie Theus??? How ignorant is that statement? Jason how can you let crap like that go unchallenged?

Anonymous said...

So when both utep & unm sweep us and Menzies rivalry record goes from 3-13 to 3-17, the few fans will stop coming.

How will the Ath. Dept. mask the attendance?
By closing everything except courtside seating?