Friday, October 14, 2011

NMSU hoops stories plus Wendell McKines

I'll have some blog entries up tomorrow on Friday's first practice. But here are a couple stories I've written the past couple days.

Here is today's story from practice. Without Troy Gillenwater or a dominant offensive player and with the return of Wendell McKines, I think the Aggies will seem like a different team identity wise. They have players like McKines and Tyrone Watson, who can help create a tough team, which wins games first and foremost, but also brings people to the arena with a style of play people can identify with. As I've written about my concern offensively with this team, NMSU has the potential to prove me wrong. They have more than one player who can score between 10 and 15 ppg, which makes them hard to guard collectively if everyone does their job. They just don't have a guy who can go out and score 20 every night.

Here is a column I wrote on 3 key storylines entering the season.

Last but not least, here's an interview with McKines. He talks about getting back  with his teammates after a year off, the rivalry games and other things.

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