Thursday, September 1, 2011

Troy Gillenwater

Here is my story on Troy Gillenwater, who signed a contract earlier this week with Cyprus League team Apollon Limassol.

I have found myself in the minority about Gillenwater and what effect it will have on the Aggies this season. He was a Top 10 talent in the WAC throughout the past four years I've been covering NMSU.

Time for a random Top 15 list. Top 15 WAC players I've seen in person. (Last four seasons)

1. Luke Babbitt, Nevada (Lottery pick who didn't crack a rotation.
2. Jaycee Carroll, Utah State (If he was three inches taller.....)
3. Paul George, Fresno State (I wasn't impressed with George in college, but he was the best player on the court when he tried and ended up starting for a playoff team)
4. Justin Hawkins, NMSU (Hawkins had everything you could ask for, post offense and defense, rebounding and got better from the perimeter as his senior season went on)
5. Troy Gillenwater, NMSU (Gillenwater came off the bench as a sophomore. With Young and Wendell on last year's team, he could have been better. Wasn't well suited for the toll of being the man every night)
6. Armon Johnson, Nevada (Surprise when he was drafted but his size was the difference. But he was a great defensive player and got wherever he needed to go on the court)
7. Adrian Oliver, San Jose State (better getting to the basket than JY, often played the point)
8. Marcelus Kemp, Nevada
9. Reggie Larry, Boise State
10. Wendell McKines, NMSU (Doesn't have the perimeter skills that Kemp and Larry did, both of whom were around his size)
11. Jahmar Young, NMSU
12. Gary Wilkinson, Utah State
13. Tai Wesley, Utah State
14. Greg Smith, Fresno State
15. Jonathan Gibson, NMSU


Anonymous said...

I might have rated Troy about 15th. He didn't have the heart to make himself better or attitude to be the GoTO guy on the team.

Anonymous said...

Javale McGee should top this list. He may not been the best player, but in terms of talent no on come close. And I assume you saw him in person since you have Kemp on this list.

Jason Groves said...

I did think about McGee, but he wasn't dominant at Nevada. He was on the verge of becoming dominant before he left but most of these players were the go-to guy on their particular team. But I love McGee in the NBA and wish he would have stayed another year. I could agreee that he could be on the list, but not at the top.

Anonymous said...

Parsing the WAC threw me off Jason, he listed talents, while you listed players. A distinction of which I can now see why you left off Javale.

Anonymous said...

JY was more dominant than Justin Hawkins. Maybe not as complete of a player, but more of a "big time" player. He's a top 7 guy for me. I think you have Gary Wilkinson a little too low as well. Good post though.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A month and a half from basketball season.

Lets start talking some hoops!


Anonymous said...

You're saying Player of the Year Gary Wilkinson only ranks twelve?

How about the guard for Boise State in the Broncs triple OT WAC tourney win in the Pan Am? ...Anthony Thomas (5 TO in 49 mins); not great but just as gritty as Jaycee Carrol

JY roached those guys in Jan that year scoring 33 up in their house. Then in the Pan Am WAC final you had to go with Hawkins (your senior). JY could have actually taken over that game with Noonan on him. By then Pope was playing and went 9 of 12 from the field but couldn't hit free throws. Later he made national headlines by punching a guy in the jewels, but that's the Big East!

Anonymous said...

Troy meeting only two-thirds of his potential put him literally head and shoulders above WAC competition.

It's not like NMSU turned away a better student or athlete to make room for his scholarship. Then he was kind enough to return the balance now that he's ready to cash in. Aggies are lucky NCAA let him play.

Will said...

Pretty good list but Jahmar Young should be much higher, in my opinion. Off-the-court behavior problems eventually caught up with him and led to his dismissal/departure, but the guy took over the '10 WAC tournament. He made the game-winner at the buzzer against Nevada (on Nevada's home floor) and then led the upset against Utah State in the championship.

A guy who almost single-handedly takes his team to the NCAA tourney should be at least top 10.