Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grades are good

Just  a quick note that entering the fall semester, no NMSU men's player will miss time due to academics and should be good to go when practice starts in October. That includes walk ons such as Temjae Singleton and Terrel de Rouen. The only question mark is KC Ross-Miller, whose situation isn't a matter of grades, but rather working through what has been a unique transfer process.


Anonymous said...

Definitely good news considering past summers. Now if we can avoid the injury bug, maybe we can put a complete team out there.

I hope the clearinghouse issues can be resolved sooner than later for Ross-Miller. I would hate for him to get cleared in the 2nd semester like has been the case int he past.


Anonymous said...

I've heard a bit about the transfer issues for KC before, but would appreciate a summary and update from you JPG. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Groves--why is this so unclear. Can you please help clarify with what you know?

At the time he intitiated the transfer, wasn't New Orleans on record as planning from moving from D-1 to D-3? Under that assumption, KC would be cleared to transfer to any institution without the sit our year, no?

Then they changed their minds, and decided to only go down to D-2 (sometime in Feb), right? Are the rules any different under that changed assumption. If they only changed to D-2 (as opposed to D-3), would he have to sit? I thought not?

Either way, did KC commit to NMSU at the time NO was planning on moving to D-3 or D-2? It seems to me that legally the NCAA would be required to honor his decisions based on what the facts were at the time, and hold him liable to the rule set in that specific scenario.

Again--why is this gray area?

Jason Groves said...

I think your logic is sound but we are talking about the NCAA here. But we have seen this before from incoming players at NMSU, although Herb Pope and Jahmar Young were incoming freshmen instead of transfers. I understand that Ross-Miller could be eligible from Day 1 if granted a waiver from the NCAA. My opinion based on what we have seen before (best case scenario) would be he would be cleared after another semester on campus. The worst case scenario would be sitting out all season. If it were going strictly by the letter of the law, Ross-Miller would not be eligible this year since he's transferring from a school that was a D-1 institution in the brief time he was there. NMSU is seeking a waiver from the NCAA so that's where the gray area comes from.....you never know what the NCAA will decide.

Jason Groves said...

Here is a link from the NCAA:


Ross-Miller played his first game in December with New Orleans and appeared in 13 games, starting 11

Anonymous said...

Very good response, JPG. Thanks much. You are a fine sports writer and honest (not homer) reporter of Aggie athletics.

Anonymous said...

You be knowin' who DJ Lewis is and when/how he got here?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Jason--but I still don't get it. If I read the transfer rules below, the exception is part of the bylaws, and he shouldn't need a waiver. Why isn't this black & white? See section B below. Anon 8:45 Discontinued/Nonsponsored Sport Exception. In a particular sport when the student
transfers at any time to the certifying institution and participates in the sport on the intercollegiate level after
any of the following conditions has occurred:
(a) The student’s original four-year collegiate institution dropped (or has publicly announced it will
drop) the sport (in which the student has practiced or competed at that institution in intercollegiate
competition) from its intercollegiate program; or (Revised: 3/10/04)
(b) The student’s original four-year collegiate institution reclassified (or has publicly announced it will
reclassify) the sport (in which the student has practiced or competed at that institution in intercollegiate
competition) from Division I to Division III status, and the student subsequently had not
competed in that sport on the Division III level; or (Revised: 3/10/04)
(c) The student’s original four-year collegiate institution never sponsored the sport on the intercollegiate
level while the student was in attendance at the institution, provided the student had never transferred
from any other collegiate institution that offered intercollegiate competition in that particular sport.

Anonymous said...

Good that grades are where they need to be; maybe Troyboy leaving was a blessing in disguise.

It would be nice to see an Aggie team win in preseason instead of going into conference play with a 2-9 or 3-8 record.

Of course, I'm not holding my breath...

Jason Groves said...

DJ Lewis is a walk on who practiced last year. Wouldn't expect him to crack the rotation, but he earned a spot on the team.

Aggie007 said...

First and foremost, I hate the new pay subscription to the LC Sun News because I mainly get on to your blog or Teddy's blog; now I just have to click it real fast before it boots me back to the main page. LC Sun News is probably losing readers by the minute now because of that.
Second, I am sure you've heard the men's basketball recruiting news.
7-foot-5-inches from Canada of Indian ethnicity. Even if he's not any good, it'll be good publicity for NM State men's basketball. Now, the real question is when he will get on the basketball court.

Jason Groves said...

007, what happens if you bookmark the blog? Still no good?