Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aggies land another big man

Internet reports this morning have NMSU landing 7-foot-5 Xavier de-commit Sim Bhullar. Here is an interesting article from a Xavier writer, who describes Bhullar as, "expected to be a project at Xavier and was a likely redshirt had he stayed with the Muskies."

Also from the article.
The 7'5" recruit was slated to be part of Xavier's 2012 class.  However, after reportedly being spotted on Xavier's campus as late as last week, Bhullar apparently decided to head west where he could play this year.

so far the best story is from the Sporting News, which talks about Bhullar's plan to originally spend another year in Prep school. 

I spoke briefly with an assistant at Hunington Prep in West Virgina, where Bhullar played last year. Here is a quick description. 

"Is a good one-on-one defender on the block and will block shots around the basket. Doesn't rebound out of his area well.  Has to put forth the effort and get the laziness out of him. Offensively he has great hands and a jump shot. He has the tools to be great."



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a project but one thing he has over other NMSU projects...He's 7'5", 315Lbs!!

Give him the rock and let's see what he can do!

Anonymous said...

Am not too impressed with his rebounding or point production. I guess that's par for the course. If he was a producer in high school, we wouldn't have had a shot at him.

Hope he maintains his grades well enough to stay on the court.

Anonymous said...

Please lets not be negtive this time!!!

You can't teach size, and it sounds like he's decent. I think he can be great if he sticks around. Also, lets not forget his little brother who already stands
7'2". Can we get the NMSU version of the twin towers here!

This is definitely exciting news. I hope everybody makes him feel welcome!!


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:20, Sim's "low" point production (12ppg and 6 rpg) was on the Canadian Junior National team; a team of Canada's finest highschool basketball recruits. Many those kids are high D-1 prospects. I for one am very excited about the possibility of having a 7'5" 300-plus mountain of a man anchoring the paint for NMSU.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about this is that Xavier had offered him. Think about the last ten years of Xavier basketball. They are ALWAYS in the tournament and they often are in the sweet 16.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he is not Chris Gabriel 2.0

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he is Chris Gabriel 2.0. CG responded to coaching, played within the system and progressed in one year.

Anonymous said...

You can't teach height. So at 7' 5" I think NMSU should just go ahead and award Sim a Ph.D with a 4.0 to help out the APR.

I hope this means Menzies stays enough seasons to put the NAFTA line-up to the test.