Friday, June 3, 2011

Way too early predictions

I'm bored. With boredom comes the following blog entry.

Following is my first, second and third team offering comprised of players we know will be returning next year. Freshmen and transfers are not included in this particular list. We will do that closer to the season.

First team
C — Dario Hunt, Nevada
PF — Wendell McKines, NMSU
SF — Zane Johnson, Hawaii
SG — Malik Story, Nevada
PG — Deonte Burton, Nevada

Second team
C — Kyle Barone, Idaho
PF — Olek Czyz, Nevada
SF —Brandon Gibson, Louisiana Tech
SG — Keith Shamburger, San Jose State
PG — Hernst Laroche, NMSU

Third team
C — Vander Joaquim, Hawaii
PF —Chili Nephawe, NMSU
SF —Brady Jardine, Utah State
SG —Kevin Olekaibe, Fresno State
PG — Brokeith Pane, Utah State

So I think Nevada had four of the top 10 players in the WAC, but the Aggies have some depth there while Nevada drops off after those four, but I'm assuming each team has new players who will contribute.

Team predictions

1. Nevada
3. Utah State
4. Hawaii
5. Idaho
6. Fresno State
7. San Jose State
8. Louisiana Tech


Anonymous said...

Groves how long have you been following this league? If you think Brockieth Pane is not a 1st teamer, youre crazy.

Anonymous said...

Brockeith 3rd Team? No way.

Jason Groves said...

I've been following the league long enough to know that Pane was surrounded by four seniors last year and long enough to know if you write anything bad about utah State, their fans are quick to defend them. Here are the facts.

Deonte Burton: 13.7 ppg (10th in WAC), 42 percent FG, 36 percent 3-point, 3.5 apg (fourth in WAC), 1.6 assist-turnover ratio (4th in WAC) 1.3 spg (6th in WAC)

Hernst Laroche: 11.5 ppg, 46 percent FG, 34 percent 3-point, 4.6 apg (second in the WAC), 1.7 assist to turnover ratio (third in WAC) 1.9 spg (third in WAC),

Brokeith Pane: 11.8 ppg, 44 percent FG, 21 percent 3-pt, 3.4 apg (fifth in WAC), 1.3 assist-turnover ratio (sixth in WAC)

So based on stats, Pane isn't as good. He was surrounded by better players, and after seeing all three in person, he's by far the most limited offensively.

Anonymous said...

But he lost those seniors and will now be the primary scorer. In order for Utah State to finish in the top 3 of the league, he will have to be better than 3rd Team.

Anonymous said...


I'd be interested in your opinion oo how the players who haven't been on the court with the Aggies will do with the team. Particularly, Remi and the new PG, Ross-Miller...will they get playing time, and if so, do they have what it takes to make a solid contribution? Will the Aggies be able to win with them this season? I was thinking that the loss of Gillenwater will open a spot for Remi, at the very least. Ross-Miller, as a point guard, would have to take time away from Hearnst.

Anonymous said...

I also think pane will be a 1st teamer and Utah State will finish ahead of Nevada, and probably NMSU.

Jason Groves said...

amon 607. I agree that in order for utah State to be the team we are used to seeing, Pane's number need to and probably should increase across the board. But he's not as good a shooter as Laroche and nowhere near the athlete Burton is.

anon 956. I think Remi Barry and Eric Weary will contribute, or at least get a chance to contribute in their first year. As I've written before, Barry could be the next 'guy' at NMSU, but I doubt it will be this year and it doesn't need to be. If Barry can contribute, he has a good group of veteran guys around him so the pressure should be off. I've heard the Ross-Miller is likely eligible for the second semester. Not sure what kind of impact that means or how many games are in the first semester before the schedule is released. Laroche needs a solid backup and Ross-Miller should be able to contribute in that role his first year. I won't say he's going to steal minutes from Laroche. Giving Laroche rest would be more accurate.

Anonymous said...


Remi looks pretty good in the videos I've seen. Can't tell on the others so much.

Thinking about the four games against our closest rivals, I think we have a good chance to win 3 of 4 or 4 of 4 games.

Anonymous said...

Menzies factor always plays a huge role in all of this. Now with Mick D leaving, all you have are those nerds Paul W and Tom L in Menzies' ear telling him what to do. Yikes! Wendell is back and he now thinks he is a guard. Menzies will let him do whatever he wants and the train wreck is about to happen. Good thing is, only about 2,200 people will be in the Pan Am to view it.