Monday, June 6, 2011

Mick Durham to be named head coach at Alaska Fairbanks

After three seasons as an assistant at NMSU, Mick Durham is the new head coach at Division II Alaska Fairbanks.

Durham, who was traveling with his family in Hawaii, said he still needed to sign a contract. He interviewed Friday and said he had been offered the job on Sunday.

I should have more on this later today.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for him but, his departure as the only guy that could really coach, really puts us in a bind.

Never fear, Marvelous Marvin will finally outwit Stew Morrill, Tim Floyd and Steve Alford!

Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOO happy for Mick. He gets to escape and get out of this mess. "Marvelous" Marvin Menzies treated him like an intern, all the while Mick has a ton of division 1 experience that MMM never asked for or used his experience. MMM would rather use the nitwit Paul W and now Tom L as his knowledge guys. What a freaking joke.
Good luck Mick. Stay warm.
Groves, you and Teddy need to dig deep in that athletic department over there under the lack of leadership by that fool boston. There are so many problems over there and soon, that place is going up in a big ball of smoke.

Anonymous said...

Like it's not cold at Montana State.

Mick had great sense to let J.Y. hoist 3's at the Haskins Center -- or maybe that was JY's idea? Anyway, a W over UTEP.