Monday, June 6, 2011

A couple personnel notes

Abdoulaye N'doye is leaving New Mexico State to play at Division II Oklahoma Panhandle State. N'doye had one year of eligibility left after spending two years in Las Cruces. Since he's transferring from a Division I school, I assume he will be able to play right away.

N'doye wanted to go somewhere he could contribute since he rarely saw the court as an Aggie with the frontcourt players who were in front of him.

Temjae Singleton, who committed to NMSU early, will redshirt this season and will not be on scholarship. Following is my best guess at the scholarship players for next season.

Hamidu Rahman SR

Hernst Laroche SR
Wendell McKines SR

Bandja Sy JR
Tyrone Watson JR
BJ West JR
KC Ross-Miller SO
Christian Kabongo SO
Chili Nephawe SO
Renaldo Dixon SO
Remi Barry FR
Eric Weary FR
Daniel Mullings FR
Terrell de Rouen Could earn scholarship
Temjae Singleton Redshirt
Emory Coleman Redshirt


Anonymous said...

Can you give us any more info on why you think Walters will never wear an Aggie uniform?

Academics? Talent? Homesick?

Anonymous said...

say it isn't so. didn't "marvelous" tell us all that this kid was going to be a BIG TIME player here. yes, he sure dang did. what a bust.

Anonymous said...

just curious--what happened to Daniel Mullings & Reynaldo Walters?

Jason Groves said...

My understanding with Walters was that he couldn't get qualified. Mullings should still be on campus in the fall

Anonymous said...

de Rouen could earn a scholarship: What does that mean?
Still short a core credit and hasn't passed the ACT yet.
NMSU seems to go for the academically challenged player, but I guess they have a great upside.