Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why Gillenwater will not be back

I've been operating, as many of you probably have, under the assumption that Troy Gillenwater will not return to NMSU next year.

Another reason is the recent visit of shooter type players, especially JUCO guard Marcell Holden , whom I hope the Aggies can bring in. Holden is like a Jonathan Gibson type shooter and body type. Gibson was better off the dribble. The reason I like Holden is he would be a bridge type player until the younger players Menzies has brought in develop. The Aggies need a shooter even if Gillenwater would return so going the JC route wouldn't hurt. I think that if Gillenwater were returning, Menzies wouldn't be considering a JC kid with his track record of bringing in freshmen.

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Anonymous said...

WTH? Wait. Did you say JUCO guard? Wasn't it "Marvelous Marvin Menzies" and the fool AD Boston who told everyone that they are building the program with freshman and not quick fix juco guys? Yep, it sure was. Ok, so now they are talking out of the third side of their mouthes. Its ok, you all keep throwing your money over there to the 6th man club and the boston "i;m smarter than all of you" fund. good luck TG in the mans game called the NBA. Well, he won't get there, but its a nice attempt. He never went to class, Boston and his BOY James Hall had to get his grades changed to keep him on the court, but when that didn't get done, the compliance nerd got the ncaa do do some bogus appeal to let him play. Oh well, menzies will lead us to the promise land of QUITTING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AT THE WAC TOURNAMENT AGAIN.