Saturday, November 21, 2009

Okla. Pan handle vs NMSU

45-35 Aggies at half
Gibson is on pace for a career game with 21 points in his 100th game at NMSU

Gibson scores 30 in 83-73 win for New Mexico State
Eds:APNewsNow. New Mexico State 83, Oklahoma Panhandle State 73.
LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — Jonathan Gibson scored a career-high 30 points Saturday to lead New Mexico State to an 83-73 victory over Division II Oklahoma Panhandle State.
Gibson, a senior playing in his 100th game at New Mexico State, became the 25th player in school history to top the 1,000-point mark for his career.
New Mexico State (1-2) led by 10 at halftime and extended the lead to 56-41 with a 9-4 run early in the second half. New Mexico State led by as many as 20 in the second half and shot 47 percent from the floor in the game.
Reggie Lassiter led Oklahoma Panhandle State (0-3) with 17 points. Panhandle State stayed close in the first half with five 3-pointers, but shot just 41.9 percent from the field in the game.


Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of attending the Panhandle game. The defense still looks horrible and it was obvious the Aggies are not serious about improving. Even if you're playing a D-II team you have to play with intensity and discipline. It's going to be a long season.

SM said...

Menzies and the Aggies had a chance to make a statement today. They didn't. I think we are looking at another typical underachieving Menzies team. Certainly another sweep at the hands of our rivals. Unacceptable and disappointing.

Anonymous said...

No defense. No rebounding. The Miners will lay 100+ on NMSU if the Aggies don't figure something out.

DJ said...

No matter what the Aggies look like. We must keep attending, supporting and most importantly believing in the Aggies. It is not enough to just attend the games. Buying season tickets doesn't make you a fan. Having the heart, courage and believing the Aggies will win the remaining 3 rival games, heck the all the remaining games on the schedule makes you a true Aggie fan.

People talk as if Menzies is always a underachiever. I not saying he hasn't underachieved but what if Marvin, Gibson or Young went out on to the court not believing they were going to leave the victors?

It is our responsibility as probably the strongest Aggie fans in Las Cruces and around the world to not only support the Aggies with our attendance, our blogs or our financial contributions to the program but it is our job to believe every single cell in our body that the Aggies will win the game. No matter what.

Anonymous said...

In spite of having a bad coach, the Aggies still have a lot of talent and depth. The players have to band together, play harder and decide for themselves that they are still going to have a successful season.

I had a not-so-good coach my senior of high school. We the players had our own meetings and decided that we were going to be successful regardless...and that was by working hard and sticking together. We had a pretty good season and made our state tournament.

I know college ball is a lot tougher and more complicated than high school, but many of the concepts are still the same. Older players like Young and Gibson need to rally the troops and get it done.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the previous poster. The Aggies did make a statement, and it was something on the order of, "We've never met a team we can defend."

The Aggies are going to get their heads handed to them this season if they don't get it figured out. They will be out rebounded, out hustled, out played.

Anonymous said...

Should have blown this team out. We do not play defense.

I've been telling everyone that will listen that we will be a great team if Gillenwater and Big Wen return. After attending the UNM game, and seeing the results of the other two games, now I'm not so sure. It is clear that Menzies either does not know how to coach defense, or refuses to demand that his players execute. I do not see a fire, or swagger with this team under his leadership. We may have talent, but we lack intensity, and it starts with the coach. I'm getting tired of teams with intense coaches like Alford and Fox (no longer with Nevada) beating us. Losing to UNM should hurt. Other than Merkers hard foul, there was nothing to suggest that this is a heated rivalry. Hopefully we pick up the intensity against UTEP and the rematch against UNM.

Coach Menzies, you can be a demanding coach, and a good person all at once. Your players will respect you if they see that what you are demanding from them helps them win games. If they refuse, sit them down. This team has talent. Demand more from them. Especially if the Gillenwater and Big Wen return. I guarantee you will win the WAC and make it back to the big dance.

Anonymous said...

I think the game Saturday did what it was supposed to do. Everybody played and we beat a team we should have beaten. I was the one who thought maybe 4 losses going into conference play and I was wrong. I overestimated the impact of the new players and underestimated the impact of the losses of WM and TG. If they come back NMSU will be a good team. If they don't, the Aggies will be a mediocre team. Young and Gibson are solid. Hamidu has improved but is still struggling around the basket. Hernst is a solid player. Gordo has not shown the ability to get open for a shot. The defense will improve with WM and TG. If they come back, I see only Gomez and maybe Lumpkin playing any significant minutes and it will end up as a seven or eight man rotation. When will info come out on second term eligibility?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gillenwater and McKines, when is the earliest possible game for them to return? Fall semester ends on December 11th but grades are due Tuesday, December 15. If all goes well academically, when can we expect to see them suit up?

Anonymous said...

The NMSU brass is very worried about this years team.

Attendance has dropped again for the third straight year and we are about to get SWEPT by our rivals, and I assure you, we will flirt with a 500% record for the 3rd straight year!

We've had nothing but headaches since Marvin Menzo came to town!

Anonymous said...

Student attendance at the first home game versus UNM was actually the highest since 2006-2007. 2800 students were at the game. That is 100 more students than we even have seats for. As for the larger community... attendance has been dwindling. I have heard it might because of the ticket structuring. Usually in Las Cruces you have to have a winning record to have fans - a .500 or below record just won't cut it here.

SM said...

One poster said - "I disagree with the previous poster. The Aggies did make a statement, and it was something on the order of, "We've never met a team we can defend."

I stand corrected! Well done.

With that said, DJ is right in that we do have to continue supporting the Aggies. We have to participate in the recovery. We have to act like big program fans if we want a big program. If we want to attract a coach like Steve Alford we need to create a big basketball environment. I know it's tough when we eek by a team that got blasted by Cameron University by 31 points.

The Aggies need to get some swagger and they need it quick. Aggie nation is not going to stand for consecutive sweeps at the hands of our rivals.

Aggie007 said...

Marvin Menzies = good guy = bad coach
Is it too early to begin predicting who the next coach could be? I think Dr. B has to make a major change after the season. With attendance dropping for the 3rd straight year, there will surely be a coaching change.
It worried me when we hired Menzies that he had been working to be a head coach for 25 years, yet no University, until NMSU, would hire him. That should have been a red-flag.
I wonder why we did not stick with somebody from Theus' staff....Archibald, bring back Cyprien who is now an assistant to Pastner in Memphis, Pompey (i'm joking) ... It seems like a good idea to stick with what is working ... but we didn't; when Theus left, Dr. Boston brought in a brand new coach who brought in his own brand new coaches, new philosophy, new motivational tactics, new strategy.
Menzies has reached the end of his time here; fans are not going to attend games when we are playing like sh*t and the coaches can't get out of the own way. Men's basketball is a money-making sport and if attendance is low, something has to give.

So, who are some possible candidates we can bring it? Gillispie? Dennis Felton? Tim Floyd? How about the former assistant from USC who we interviewed before Menzies was hired? I forget his name ...

10 yr. vet said...

Wendell is planning on being availabe for the Dec. 13 game. Not sure about Troy.

As I said in another post, I truly believe that Wendell is the cog that makes this team go. If he comes back and plays to his potential then this could be a very good team. A top six of Gibby, JY, Hernst, Wen, Troy and Rahman will be very good.

Anonymous said...

Can you say STUBBY???

Possibly another 6 win Season???

No defense, no rebounding, no guts, no heart!!

Before the season is over, I want to see Lumpy, take a charge, get a blocking foul called on him, and quit jacking up a 3 within 15 seconds of coming into the game!!!

Last but will not happen,,,,,a new coach.

Anonymous said...

Does Troy have the grades to play or not?

Unknown said...

@UTEP, 12/13.

Anonymous said...

SM said...

One poster said - "I disagree with the previous poster. The Aggies did make a statement, and it was something on the order of, "We've never met a team we can defend."

I stand corrected! Well done.


Of course I was agreeing 100% with your Aggies not making a statement comment with the one I wrote. :-)

Anonymous said...

As far as a new coach, which I don't think would happen for another three years at the earliest, please don't even mention Gillispie. He's train wreck waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

I find myself disagreeing with Menzies once again on his quote. Saying that the team had an opportunity to blow the game up but that is not what he wanted to. why schedule a soft team like Panhandle? Games against teams like these are scheduled in my opinion for one reason only; to beat them and allow your team to have fun doing it. That didnt happen Saturday and it is worrysome that a team like that us made us look so bad defensively. However, stop the talk about Menzies leaving. Theus had ONE good season and thats it, get over it. This is not UK, Duke, or UNC where people can actually demand a coaching change so soon. We want results but are not willing to put the support that the team needs.Just like football.

Gordo and Lumpkins were pathetic at best, especially your home town hero Gordo. I never was big on him and I dont see where all the hype is. He couldnt even take a 3 against this crappy team. Lumpkins plays like he is still scared and hoping that Sy grows up quick to get more minutes than these two.
On a postive note, Hamidu going to the line is actually producing points for once, good job.


justin said...

The only reason you schedule a d-2 team is to fill out a 30 game schedule. I have no problem with Menzies using the second half to get his other players some run. We already know that JGib and JY can get shots at will versus shorter, slower competition. Why do we need to prove it?

We're currently in possession of 4.5 WAC quality players (Gordo gets a 0.5, because he looks awful this season but was the best 3pt. shooter in the conference last season), and we'll need at least 7 to be competitive in the conference season. If you aren't developing them against Panhandle/NCAT/TXSo/Alcorn, when are you going to do it?