Friday, November 20, 2009

Watson to sit

Redshirt freshman forward Tyrone Watson will not play today after NMSU ruled him ineligible on Friday afternoon.
NMSU officials were alerted to Watson’s participation in a non-sanctioned summer league in Las Cruces. The violation required NMSU to act immediately pending NCAA review.
The violation was submitted on Friday and the Aggies are hopeful Watson can play on Tuesday when the Aggies travel to Cal State Fullerton.
“If we find out he is OK on Monday, then he has already had his suspension,” Menzies said. “He could be good to go Tuesday or not. We don’t know right now.”
Basketball players need written permission from NMSU and the league needs to be sanctioned by the NCAA. NMSU is hoping the NCAA will consider and rule on Monday so Watson could easily be available on Tuesday at Fullerton.


Anonymous said...

Man, I hope the Aggies don't let Oklahoma Panhandle score 100 if the Aggies lose to a D-II team it's ok, because Menzies is the best thing since the internet to some Aggie fans.

Anonymous said...

Wow! There is always "something" going on around this program. I hope it gets worked out. Any news on the other kids getting cleared to play? Has to be hard to build a team with stuff like this and not knowing who will be ready to play. It has to also be hard to pay for scholarships for kids who can't get cleared.