Sunday, August 23, 2009


A quick scheduling note, The Aggies' Feb. 24 home game against Idaho will be on ESPN2 at 9 p.m. as part of the WAC's contracted games with the ESPN family. It's possible an additional game could end up on ESPNU. ... Former assistant coach Matt Grady is the top assistant at Morehead State. Grady left NMSU to return to Louisville last season but it looks like he finally has the role that he's been looking for. ... Speaking of Louisville, check out this story from SI on the turbulent offseason that college hoops has experienced. ... I know you're probably sick of hearing this but here are a couple of things that I've heard in the last few days. Abdoulaye N'Doye is apparently registered for classes but not yet in the U.S. .... Getting the UNM home opener on national television doesn't look good. ... The schedule is expected sometime this week.


Anonymous said...

Abdoulaye does in fact live in the US, hes in Cruces as we speak, i met him over 2 weeks ago. Very nice guy!!

Anonymous said...

You would think the Utah State, and Reno games would be on ESPN.

Unknown said...

Groves, We all know Wendell is out for at least the first semester. What about Gillenwater? Will he be eligible? There were some rumblings about him possibly being out the first term as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice reporting Anon 8:11.

Inquire about a job at the Sun News.

Anonymous said...

Someone reported on the message board that we have a kid from France who is very good.

Anonymous said...

Marvin Menzies has just left from senegal on his way back to elpaso. He could possibly be with N'Doye

Anonymous said...

8:11 is dead wrong though. N'Doye is on his way tonight.

Anonymous said...

Can you please give us the latest on N'Doye, Frenchy, and Gillenwater? These are big events that impact Aggie B-ball. I'd like to know how McKines is coming along too. Thanks.

Jason Groves said...

Anon at 8:58 a.m., I'm doing a story right now on N'Doye and hope to talk to the big man himself in the next couple of days. N'Doye arrived in Las Cruces today and will join the team in their individual and group workouts when his paperwork is done. As I've reported over and over, Gillenwater is expected to miss the first semester's games, six or seven. Coach Menzies said that both Gillenwater and McKines will be re evaluated at that point. As to the French player you mentioned, if you recall an earlier post, I broke down scholarship players and the Aggies roster. There was a mystery player in the mix. I'll write more as soon as I have more.

Alan said...

I must say, MM is a creative recruiter. This will be an interesting year.

Predictions, everybody!

I have them winning 22 games in the regular season. I imagine a championship game loss, and a trip to the NIT.

Here is their schedule:

Nov. 13 at Saint Mary’s
Nov. 17 New Mexico
Nov. 21 Panhandle State
Nov. 24 at Cal State Fullerton
Nov. 26 North Carolina A&T
Dec. 1 UTEP
Dec. 5 at New Mexico
Dec. 13 at UTEP
Dec. 15 at UCLA
Dec. 18 at Pepperdine
Dec. 21 Alcorn State
Dec. 23 Texas Southern
Dec. 28 Prairie View A&M
Jan. 2 Utah State*
Jan. 4 Nevada*
Jan. 9 at Boise State*
Jan. 11 at Idaho*
Jan. 16 Fresno State*
Jan. 21 at Hawai’i*
Jan. 23 at San Jose State*
Jan. 30 at Louisiana Tech*
Feb. 6 San Jose State*
Feb. 8 Louisiana Tech*
Feb. 11 at Fresno State*
Feb. 15 Hawai’i*
Feb. 20 at ESPNU BracketBuster
Feb. 24 Idaho* (ESPN2)
Feb. 27 Boise State*
March 4 at Nevada*
March 6 at Utah State*
March 10-13 WAC Tournament