Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to school

The Aggies started their groups of four workouts as school started last week. Some of the players who head coach Marvin Menzies said have stood out are sophomore point guard Hernst Laroche, junior guard Gordo Castillo, reshirt junior Robert Lumpkins and redshirt sophomore center Hamidu Rahman and forward Tyrone Watson.
"Some of the guys stayed around and concentrated on building chemistry and working with (strength and conditioning coach) Tyler Cummings)," Menzies said.


Anonymous said...

JG--I'm struggling to keep this straight with all these guys coming & going, academic eligibility, etc. Does this look like the team for the season, assuming everything goes to plan academically? This is how I see it. Can you please fill in the gaps where I may have missed something, or chage it around based on your knowledge of things? Do they travel with 15? Looks like they will have to play small for those first 7 games. No 4s. Hope West is as advertised.

Fall Semester
PG-LaRoche, Standley, Gomez
SG-Gibson, Castillo, Lumpkins, Britt
SF-Young, Watson, Merker
C-Rahman, N'Doye

Spring Semester
PG-LaRoche, Standley, Gomez
SG-Young, Gibson, Castillo, Britt
SF-McKines, Watson, Lumpkins, Merker
PF-Gillenwater, West
C-Rahman, N'Doye

Jason Groves said...

It is confusing here but I think you got it as far as I can tell as far as players who we currently know about.

Anonymous said...

It's about time Menzies gave Lumpkins a chance to prove he can play ball.