Sunday, November 30, 2008

Road trip

This next week we will learn a lot about the Aggies. Up to this point their schedule has been perfect for their team, playing a couple of teams at home who they were more talented than and blowing them out and a confidence builder at USC. But even though the Kansas game is the marquee game on the schedule, I think the games the Aggies will get the most from are Long Beach and North Texas, both teams that should match up with the Aggies better than Pepperdine or UC Riverside. The North Texas game is what I'm looking forward to. For obvious reasons the Aggies will be fired up for that game but it will also be their third game on the road in six straight days on the road as the team left on Wednesday and will not return to Las Cruces until Sunday so fatigue, maybe mental more than physical could be an issue and North Texas is good. The have some solid big men and are led by their guards which seem to be their most experienced group. If they come home 2-1 on the trip I will be very impressed and if they happen to be 3-0, I will have to re evaluate my preseason expectations for the team early on.

Also, one thing that Coach Menzies talked about was he compared the three games to what they could see in the WAC. Hear me out. He compared going to Kansas like going to Nevada or Utah State, hostile environments with good teams, and the other two as going to middle of the road WAC schools like Boise or Fresno, where the fans show up and make it tough on the visitors. The man is all about getting ready for WAC play.


Anonymous said...

Big road trip for the guys. Hope they can get 2 out of 3 on this stretch. This will tell us a lot about our team. Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

3 wins will go a long way into turning the pan am into a very hostile environment against our rivals and for wac play.

Anonymous said...

A disappointing loss in my eyes last night because well its a loss. I think the game was well within reach and it just didnt go our way. The fact that Gibson did not play definetely factored into the losing equation. How is the leader of this team missing practices and basically handing his team a loss? I do agree with how Menzies handled the situation because once more he proves that there is a team and not just a few players who run the show. Hopefully we dont go 0-3 in this trip but if we do lets get two strong performances in the next games.