Monday, November 10, 2008


I don't think it means much because Western is so bad, but here is the story on their exhibition against the Lobos. Some of it sounds familiar don't you think. Alford and Menzies each has their hands full with young teams.

It sounds like from some of the bloggers on the previous post were looking back at the UNM/NMSU rivalry so here is some more fuel to that fire. Don't know much about the Lobos. They had a closed scrimmage with Arizona State and then the Western exhibition. They have some great returners though in Toppert, Roman Martinez (El Paso product) and Danridge back from the injury.


Anonymous said...

NMSU and UNM are eerily similar this season, both having talented, young teams. NMSU routed Western by 47, while UNM beat WNMU by 28. NMSU's second game, UNM's first. Tough to say who's better at such an early point in the season, though. UNM does have the advantage of having some seniors, with Toppert, Danridge and Faris.

I think it's fair to expect a split at this point. NMSU's tough OOC schedule could benefit them when the rivalry games come around, though...and hopefully we'll have the services of Terrance Joyner by then.

Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Having the Lobos into the Pan Am so late in December this year is a real plus in terms of preparation. Usually all you have is that WNMU film. The drawback will be lots of students could be out of town. But the ones that are here could so drunk that the Lobos won't notice the difference? It will be fun! If Toppert starts firing up long range 3's it looks like Lumpkins might be up to the task of bombing a few to answer back...? I think Menzies will have somebody in Toppert's jock this year.