Thursday, September 18, 2008

Women land Rosen

I spoke with Berkeley High senior Camila Rosen today. Rosen is a 6-foot guard/forward who had knee surgery this summer after suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament on the AAU scene this summer.
Anyway, Rosen said she has committed verbally to NMSU after making an official visit in early September. With Rosen, the Aggies will have two open scholarships for the 2009-10 season. Look for a story in Saturday's paper.


Anonymous said...

Being from the Bay Area, I know how strong that girls basketball program at Berkely High School is and has been for years. Getting a player from there is a big deal, especially for a WAC school and a great thing for our Aggies! Coach Spence continues to work his recruiting ties to California. I'll bet having Bay Area native and former Aggie player Cecillia Russell-Nava as an assistant coach now helped a little bit with this kid too.

Coach Spence continues to add to the program and will keep it strong. Great job Aggies.

Anonymous said...

Coach Spence is building up a heck of a program. I am excited to see the ladies break through the ranks this year and take the wac, and making the postseason.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I've been out to some pick up games and have seen several young talented players out there. This team is bigger, longer and more skilled. I'm glad to see coach is adding to the roster with another long athletic player from a good high school program.

Anonymous said...

JG. Can you check on something for me?

Heard that Madi Spence had a battle with Mono last month. True? How's she doing now? We sure do need her in the lineup. She is such a solid player and one of the top guards in the WAC, as well as being on the Nancy Lieberman "Point Guard" Award watch list.

How's she doing? Also, what back up point guards do we have this year?


Jason Groves said...

Madison was battling it, but she seemed fine when I saw the team work out today. Point guard is one position where the Aggies will be solid because sophomore Brittany Palmer and freshman Kaitlyn Soto will battle it out for the No. 2 spot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks JG. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear we are solid at the point but how are we with the bigs...with graduation of Neal and Jawara can the girls overcome those loses...thanks

Anonymous said...

The Aggies do have quality depth in the post spots from what I've seen in pick up games. If Holt stays healthy she should have a solid year. Juco transfers Areyal LeDeatte and Ashley Scroggins bring some experience and ability to score. This group is big and skilled. LeDeatte was the 3rd leading scorer in the county in juco ball last year according to her bio. She is big, has quick feet and can score in the lane. time will tell how it all comes together, but we do have depth and more weapons.

Early on, the scoring is going to come from a good group of guards and wings. Spence will lead, along with senior Tyshae Walton but watch out for sophomore Danisha "DayDay" Corbett. This kid is a freaky athlete who can score. Freshmen Tabytha Wampler and Kaitlyn Soto will also be impact players.

Of course I'm just talking from watching pick up games so we'll see when it all gets put together.

Let's not forget that Coach Spence is pretty darn good at fitting it all together.

We all need to get out all year long and get behind this team. They will be fun!

Nov. 2nd @ 5pm is our first game.

Jason Groves said...

Anon said it all. The one thing I would add is even though LeDeatte can take up space and score around the basket, the Aggies wont be nearly as athletic when Holt and LeDeatte are on the floor as they were with Jawara and Neal.

From talking with Coach Spence, it seems like he wants to play a bigger lineup this season and slow the game down which will be interesting to watch because their guards and wings are so athletic and can run the floor so well. I guess it just means that this team could be more versatile but maybe not as athletic in the frontcourt