Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is interesting

I don't know if this is to promote some interest in the team on campus or perhaps it's a common occurance all over the country, or is evidence that the Johnny Higgins was dismissed rumor to be true. My understanding is that his fate at NMSU is yet to be determined. Stay tuned.

At any rate, for those of you who can hit a jump shot or handle the ball, lace 'em up and head on down to the Pan Am with a shot to win a roster spot alongside the likes of Jonathan Gibson, Jahmar Young, Wendell McKines and company


Anonymous said...

Teams always need practice bodies.

The womens hoop team uses a squad of guys too to practice against. Smart!

JG; I heard. Coach spence got a verbal commitment from that athletic wing/forward from Berkely HS in the Bay Area. I saw the story you did on her when she visited. Do you know anything about that?

Anonymous said...

Ha. I'm soooo tempted to go out, but I know I'd only make a fool of myself. But still I'd love to play some ball on the PAC floor.

Anonymous said...

What are the details on the Higgins rumor? We need a great point guard.

Anonymous said...

You could be the next Jalen Dominguez, who did get to see significant PT.

What's up with the Washington/Baltimore area kids?
Chris Cole bagged it? In know what happened with Paris Carter. Now you're saying Johnny Higgins might be history?