Friday, May 2, 2008

It happens elsewhere

Don't know if you've seen this story about Indiana Freshman Eli Holman asking out.

A couple of thoughts crossed my mind, first being that players want out across the country for one reason or another. Here is a guy that wants to leave Indiana and an established coach like Tom Crean.

Second, as you may know Holman played with Wendell McKines at Richmond High School in Oakland.


Anonymous said...

Is there no recruiting news coming out of Menzies office? We're halfway done with the signing period, and not one story to come our way.

Anonymous said...

I also have been noticing all the transfers...I wonder if we will get any or want any of those guys. That is pretty funny about that kid going to the same school as McKines.

Maybe they are going to go to the same team.

Anonymous said...

Kids transffer, that's part of the game.
Any word on the NMSU signings?
We got scholarships and no one is signing the dotted line!
Que pasa?

Anonymous said...

The NCAA has really put the coaches and universities in a no win situation with this idiotic APR. Coaches today are held hostage by a rule that makes no sense at all. A university, an athletic department and a coaching staff can do all they can and have everything in place for their players to assist them. However, if a player chooses not to do the work or find a way to complain and leave, it is the coach, program and university who are held accountable and are punished. The NCAA needs to wake up and hold these kids more accountable.
Kids are so spoiled these days and if things don't go their way they pack up and look for greener grass elsewhere. Coaches need to be able to go back to the; "my way or the highway" attitude and then, maybe, these kids will act right and do the right things.

Today, players get their feelings hurt, whine around, complain and threaten to leave. Because the APR is choking everyone, athletic administrators run scared and force coaches to hang on to kids who should be sent down the road.

I know,I'm rambling but that dang APR thing is a joke. Come on Myles Brand; wake up.

Anonymous said...

Menzies was brought in for his recuiting skills and has yet to sign ONE player!

Kids are leaving and he can't sign anybody! What's going on?
Do we even have a team next year?