Friday, May 9, 2008

Basketball items

I wish I had some recruiting news, which I know is what everyone wants to talk about, but I had a couple of smaller items.

Jorge Gutierrez ended up signing with Cal. He took a visit the weekend after he was at NMSU and apparently liked what he saw. The Aggies have another guard, Johnny HIggins from Notre Dame Prep on campus this weekend. He played with Michael Beasely two years ago. I hope to have more on his visit next week.

To the coaching front, assistant coaches Matt Grady and John McMullen each received one-year contract renewals since they were hired as one-year coaches. Chris Pompey still has a year on his contract.

Grady's and McMullen's contract is good from May 1 through April 30 of 2009. Also renewed was head women's coach Darin Spence, whose contract is good from May 1 through April 30 of 2011. His two assistants, Joel Washington and Brooke Atkinson, were also renewed for a year.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Coach Spence got a good contract renewal. We have been lucky to keep a great coach like him. The rumors had him out last season. Great job Dr. Boston in keeping coach Spence. I can't wait to watch womens basketball again.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Coach Spence, he just signed his 5th player! Most of the kids he signed w/o a contract! Impresive!

What about Menzies is he going to sign anyone? The only thing I see is kids transfering.
We are a month into the signing period and nothing!

Hey Menso,
How about signing someone this decade!

Anonymous said...

Hey dum dum, he already has signed some guys; just not this signing period. Frustrating I admit, but I think we'll hear something before it's all said and done.

Anonymous said...

Ano. 1:15
Before you go calling someone names.
I think the previous poster is reffering to this signing period, not last year.

Of the four kids he has signed last year, he has also lost four (Theus, Luster, Jones and McInes) very good kids.

I think the community has every right to be upset when a full month has gone by and no kids have been added to the pipeline and both Utep and UNM are signing HS and college tranffers!
I'm not trying to push the panic button but, we need some kids to sign!


Anonymous said...

You guys are the biggest bunch of babies.

Marvin needs to be very selective this signing period. Looking at kids who will help the APR and not bail after a year. Also the longer he waits is an indicator that our top choices are still interested that have not yet signed.

The basketball program isn't going to sign someone just because a fan has a bad case of diaper rash, and impatience.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vic he's not talking about last year's signing class. He's talking about the fall signing class for this year (Chris Gabriel signed and later Terrance Joyner, and Faisal Aden committed). Also Theus was not a signee from last year's class and Luster and Jones were recruits signed by Reggie not Marvin Menzies.

I agree this signing period has been disappointing thus far, but the group mentioned above should be pretty good. Also there is the bunch that redshirted/grayshirted last year, which includes Gillenwater and Rahman. I hope to see some more players added in the mix, especially with the way Nevada has been signing players, but the current cupboard is by no means bare.


Anonymous said...

Theus, jones, and luster meant absolutely nothing to the aggies! As long as we keep young, pope, and gibson and the kids he has signed, we will be fine!! No worries!!!