Thursday, April 10, 2008

APR and Deangelo Jones

A couple of stories to come in the next couple of days.
After freshman guard Jaydee luster asked for his release, so did Deangelo JOnes, last week. This also wasn't a surprise since he never really saw any court time and since Gordo Castillo took advantage of the opportunities as they came along. Perhaps Jones could have developed, but he kind of got lost in the shuffle.

I have been informed that the men's basketball team will be minus a scholarship when the APR is released in early May. Look for the story on Saturday. I was told that the Aggies' score would actually result in the loss of two scholarships, but since the Aggies have continued to improve their score and work with the NCAA, the penalty will only be one. It was before my time, but pre-theus, there were some clubs that players didn't stay eligible and/or left the university, handcuffing the Aggies at times during theus time here, and now Marvin Menzies will feel the effect next season.

I also wanted to talk about recruiting. Unfortunatley i can't get into specifics as the regular signing period nears, but I will just say that I believe Aggies fans will have a lot to cheer about in the next couple of weeks as Marvin Menzies recruiting class is revealed. NMSU has seemed to address many of the factors that i have seen discussed. The big guns of the class are already well known and on campus already, but Menzies generally talked about addressing the need for size, as well as exploring possible JC ranks for experienced players.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising at all. Some times Marvin pulled Trey Britt off the bench before DeAngelo.

The APR stuff is serious trouble.

Hopefully we get some quality players who want to stick around for awhile with the empty schollies.

Theus' recruits are killing our APR.

Thanks for nothin' Reggie.

Anonymous said...

The APR was put in place by people in positions who have no clue. The APR is not a true indicator as to what is going on in a program. It is sad that the NCAA uses this to grade coaches, when coaches really have little to do with it. The players are the ones who choose to do their work or stay with a program. By putting in the APR, players have coaches over a barrel. The NCAA needs to continue to revamp the APR and come up with a better system.

Anonymous said...

You said pre-theus. So do we blame Lou Henson?

There were a couple of kids that were in-eligible in Reggies first year. He took their scholarships away.
I believe one transfered and the other (Mike Mitchell) took it in the chin helped us win 16 games.

So how many kids is Menzies going to sign?

I think he's releasing kids to make room for his incoming class and give them a scholarship.
Can't say I blame the guy.

Anonymous said...

APR is going to kick our A**. And now Big Wen is checking out!!! This is rough. Plus Big Wen was one of MM recruits, who got plenty of minutes!!

Anonymous said...

I heard Wendell is leaving as well is that true?

Anonymous said...

Mckines is out i hear???? what are these kids doing???

Anonymous said...

The class of boys that MM recruited are not eligible either. They have been enrolled at Dona Ana all year and still don't have enough credits for NMSU. Coaches want to win games at all cost.

Anonymous said...

Man JG, why do you let incorrect information be posted? Re: Anon 11:00

Jason Groves said...

Anon at 7:55 p.m.
Unless its obscene, I will post people's comments. I trust readers to police the blog if someone comes out with something ridiculous. Just keep it clean