Monday, June 3, 2013

NMSU schedule notes

In anticipations of a weakened league slate, New Mexico State coach Marvin Menzies has scheduled aggressively for next season.

There are rumors of a couple other games against very good mid majors that will make this season's schedule arguably the toughest since Menzies' first year when the Aggies played away at Duke, Louisville and on neutral court against Texas and West Virginia.

But so far here is a tentative look at some of the opponents/dates on the Aggies non-conference schedule:

Nov. 9-11 Three games in Hawaii's Rainbow Classic against Western Michigan, Tennessee State and Hawaii. The Hawaii game should be on ESPN as part of tipoff marathon.

Dec. 4 vs New Mexico
Dec. 11 at Arizona ($95,000 guarantee game for Aggies)
Dec. 17 at New Mexico

 I believe December will also include both I-10 rivalry games against UTEP

Other Home opponents
South Alabama (return game from last season)
Drake (return game from BracketBuster two years ago)

I expect the Aggies to fill out their schedule with up to four home games against lower tier teams


Anonymous said...

How are our new recruits looking, and do we have any good news, recruit-wise, in the near future?

Ruben said...

Is the rumored Colorado State game at home or on the road? Also, any word on whether or not they're going to replace those awful uniforms? The uniforms that were worn two years ago looked fine and there was no reason to wear that gaudy crap last year.

Anonymous said...

I believe Drake will be a road game as they played the Aggies in Las Cruces two years ago.