Saturday, June 29, 2013

Aggies to play at Gonzaga?

It sounds like the New Mexico State men's basketball schedule is fairly close to completion. Following is a list of non-conference opponents, some known that I have written about in previous posts, and a couple I have heard of recently, most notably the possible addition of Gonzaga on the road. Some games I'm not sure of on the dates.

Nov. 9-11 vs. Western Michigan, Tennessee State and Hawaii in Rainbow Classic
Nov. 15 vs. UTEP
Nov. 23 at UTEP
Dec. 4 vs. New Mexico
Dec. 11 at Arizona ($95,000 guarantee game for Aggies)
Dec. 17 at New Mexico

Other road non-conference opponents
Colorado State University (I believe this game will be returned at some point)
Drake (Return game from BracketBuster game two years ago)

Other home non conference opponents
South Alabama (return from last season)
University of Northern Colorado
Prairie View A&M
Northern New Mexico


Anonymous said...

As usual, with the exception of UTEP & UNM, the home schedule looks like it will be garbage. I hope they're up for the challenge in Spokane. I can't help but remember them getting smoked in the last road game against a strong WCC team (St. Mary's 102-68 in 2009).

I read an Andy Katz article on ESPN a couple of weeks ago and he wrote that Providence was having trouble scheduling teams. Would that be something Menzies could try? It would be an interesting matchup and good for RPI.

J.D. said...

I've always felt that teams need to take on the best teams to improve themselves. Gonzaga is certainly the level NMSU would love to get to. I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

Why not start the season winning games as opposed to waiting until conference play begins? It seems the Aggies are always needing to win the conference tournament at the end of the year to make the NCAAs. It would be nice if the Aggies were good enough for an at-large invite instead of having to win the last game of the WAC tourney.

It's fairly disheartening when the team starts WAC play down with a 6-9 or 5-10 record.

Anonymous said...

Well unfortunately most good teams don't want to come to Cruces. The way I look at it is that it'll prepare the Aggies for the NCAAs playing in hostile environments like AZ and Gonzaga. Will we win? Probably not, but it'll help our RPI considering how pathetic the WAC is.

Go Aggies!


Anonymous said...

I am with you, J.D.,

It is especially important to have a rigorous non-conference schedule as the conference looks to be pretty weak.

And yes anon 2:32, it would be nice to win some of them. We have now taken the first step towards winning some of those games....we have scheduled them :-)

now for the next step....