Friday, April 12, 2013

Menzies talks recruiting, scheduling and more

I spoke with Marvin Menzies for a few minutes the other day on a few offseason topics. Nothing specific but April is a busy month. Coaches were able to start evaluating players on Thursday and the regular signing period begins April 16 and lasts for a month.

"I don't anticipate signing anyone in the first few days," Menzies said. "We will add to the roster but those additions may come in May even in some point."

I'm aware of the commits that I've written about here. Point guard Ian Baker, wings Jim Coleman and Matt Taylor. I learned of another target this week and I'm sure there are others but as far as who is put on scholarship and who sits out is anyone's guess at this point.

On the scheduling front, the games we know of are a road game at Drake for the BracketBuster two years ago and a return game from South Alabama in addition to the four rivalry games. I think NMSU could get one money game, potentially play in a tournament, but we know the WAC is a one bid league and the league RPI will likely make any jump in a potential NCAA seed impossible. I think the Aggies need a similar schedule as last year, but obviously it would be nice for the Aggies to win one or two of those games.

"It's more important to get maybe one marquee game with a very high RPI and then go get some competitive RPI," Menzies said. "You have to be ready to go beat them and if you do it puts you in a good position. I thought we did a good job but we dropped the ball with a few games early on so we have to try to do that again if given the opportunity."

Menzies said the school is starting the process to get a redshirt year from Chili Nephawe, but he has been cleared to practice fully.

There were some rumors about assistant coach Paul Weir to UNM last week. I don't see that happening, although there were some relationships there. Also, it wouldn't be unheard of to have movement since this particular staff has been together for a couple years now and all three assistants are quality guys.

"It's heavy time will all the movement," Menzies said. "Some guys have been contacted but there is nothing concrete with interviews or anything. Now the staff is the same but that can always change."


Anonymous said...

Which coach is responsible for the good recruiting in Canada?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's Weir. He was key in getting Mullings.