Monday, October 22, 2012

Point guard spot

I spoke with freshman point guard Terrel de Rouen and sophomore KC Ross-Miller on Monday at practice.

First though, here is story from Teddy Feinberg on sophomore guard Daniel Mullings.

I also learned that Remi Barry has been working at the four spot this year. There was hope that perhaps Bandja Sy could play more there, but now he can stay on the perimeter. We still don't know what Barry is capable of, but it sounds like he is competing with Renaldo Dixon for time at the 4 behind Tyrone Watson. I'm curious to see what Dixon brings to the table as well. He hasn't gotten a chance for one reason or another, but he has more a different skill set than Wendell McKines brought to the table and more size at 6-8, 6-9. Barry showed the ability to hit the outside shot last year, so he's obviously versatile enough to play on the wing as well. Could be one of many positions worth paying attention to during Saturday's Crimon v White scrimmage.

Which brings us to the point guard spot, which Menzies said neither sophomore transfer KC Ross Miller nor freshman Terrel de Rouen has pulled away in practice after a week. Since I saw the last half of de Rouen's high school career, I hope he does well and I was glad to see him land at NMSU. Very athletic and explosive player. Ross-Miller has been described to me as more of a cerebral player. Menzies said as the season goes on, he may have to rein one player in (de Rouen) and push the other. de Rouen was starting to scratch out minutes and a role last year before his season ended with an ACL tear on his right knee Dec. 21. He had surgery Jan. 4. Following are some quotes from both on Friday with a story coming early next week. Ross-Miller is 21 years old after sitting out last year at NMSU after a long journey where the only college basketball he played was 13 games at New Orleans two years ago. Whether one player stands out or the Aggies use multiple point guards, both players step into some big shoes, replacing Hernst Laroche, a player that started every game for the past four seasons.

Terrel de Rouen
"I started rehabbing before surgery. But it took me about six months to start playing again and maybe 6.5 to 7 to really get up and down the court a bunch of times. ... It's devastating but I learned a lot. I sat behind the bench and learn what my coach is like and learn my teammates. I just had to keep my head straight and just be hungry. ... We are both pretty good players all around. Ross-Miller is a really good passer. I think I have to work on that a little more. We both have good defense. We are both solid point guards. ... (laroche) was an awesome guy. He's cool to work with. We talked about the offense and what we want to see. ... We all battle every day against each other. We leave everything on the court but you have to work hard if you want to win a championship. ... Just get to keep playing ball. I just have to learn more about the game every day. ... You have to pay your dues, especially when you are backing up a veteran guy like Laroche you are backing up. He taught me a lot. You are moving up a level. It's like moving from middle school to high school. I paid my dues last year and was starting to get some minutes and then I hurt my knee but everything happens for a reason. ... I would say we are fine at the PG spot. Me and Ross-Miller have to keep learning more and more. People are always going to say something. You  just have to keep working hard and listening to your coaches."

KC Ross-Miller
"It was a long situation but it is working out for the best. It's been a challenging experience. I learned a lot just sitting out. I got a head start as far as what to expect. I got stronger in the weight room. ... I couldn't practice. Everything I did was on my own. I was in the gym a lot and the weight room getting stronger. NMSU is different but I got used to it. I didn't know what to expect. It was tough watching people play. I just got used to it and knew after a year I would be able to play again. ... I learned from Laroche. We worked out together. ... Strengths depend on what game it is. If I need to score I can score. I get in the lane and create for others. ... Practice has been cool. We push each other. We are up against each other every day. We know the point guard opportunity is open. ... Basically you look for the big man first, try to get in the lane and make a defender commit."

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