Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yawn..... Southern is next

I suppose coaches can get something out of Wednesday's 92-65 victory over Division II Western New Mexico.

I know everyone thinks Remi Barry will be a superstar, but I was looking forward to seeing Terrel de Rouen and Daniel Mullings play extended minutes.

Mullings got his first career start, scored nine points on 3-8 shooting, 1-4 from 3 pt range with two rebounds, two assists and a steal in 27 minutes. de Rouen played 21 minutes, scored six points on 2-3 shooting with four rebounds and did a good job pushing the pace when he was in there. Even with Christian Kabongo returning, I believe de Rouen would be the better option as the back up point guard behind Laroche. There were times that Laroche played off the ball as well and he got some good looks, hitting 2-3 from 3 point range. 

Daniel Mullings:
"It just meant that I had to be ready to bring my defensive presence sooner. It's a different attitude because you have to bring your energy from the tip of the game. ... It was good just to get a win. We had a couple losses straight so it was just good to get back on the winning side."

"They (Barry and de Rouen) were looking forward to getting more minutes and knew coming in they would be able to get a lot of minutes in this game. I thought they were ready."

"I'll be ready if I get to start."

Marvin Menzies:
"It was a challenging game to stay engaged because of the obvious talent difference. It was good to go against somebody else and get a chance to execute those things for some of the new guys. .. We wanted to just mix things up (regarding the starting lineup) get some different looks from different guys in different positions. I liked the way we got an opportunity to play some guys in different spots for extended periods."

"Terrel showed some comfort tonight. He has been able to get in a few games but I thought he was much more vocal. Point guard wasn't his position in high school so we are educating him in that spot. He is very talented offensively. It's good to have a guard that can knock down shots and get to the paint and do those things when things break down. Remi, it was the first real game on the schedule that he got a chance to play in. I thought he did well. He gave us a lot of energy. He knocked down a nice 3 there and then knocked down his free throws."


I'm looking for Hamidu Rahman to get as many minutes as he can handle with Chili Nephawe and Renaldo Dixon splitting the rest at the center spot.
Rahman is a senior. He's healthy and Nephawe simply has not improved. Rahman came into Wednesday averaging 7.6 pts and 6.4 boards per game, but he's only playing 22 minutes a game. If he's fit enough to do so, he needs to get back to the beast that he was his sophomore season when he averaged 10 and 8 in 26 minutes per game. Nephawe hasn't done enough to pass him and Rahman has done it before.

"Down the line, I think so but you never know. It's who is playing well."


The Aggies have another big game on Monday against Southern. 
"It feels good to have some home games coming up," said Tyrone Watson on Tuesday. "We played nine games and only two at home."

Watson had started the past 42 games at NMSU before coming off the bench on Wednesday.

The big test during this five=game home stand will be Dec. 28 vs. UNM.
"We have already addressed that," Watson said. "UNM is the big picture but we can't look past anyone because we have done that before and it came back to bite us. If we take care of business we will be high on confidence  vs. UNM."


Anonymous said...

Guess what. The Miners lost again this evening. They are 2-5 on the year.

One of their victories is against the Aggies. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I agree that HAM has to start getting more minutes. He's got some spring in his step and he's been pretty consistant for the most part.

It's tough to judge a new player when the only games he's played has been against ENMU and WNMU but I think Remi Barry will be good. Usually the foreign players have to be "tought" the game (Chili, Bandja) but you can tell that Barry has a natural bball IQ. I like the flow of the game with him in. He can pass, rebound, and knock down shots. He seems to have good hands and good body control. I think his minutes in the WAC could be a huge asset. As far as being a Superstar... lets see where he is in 3 years.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:02

The Miners lost AT UNLV who beat UNC this year. They were down 2 points with less than 4 minutes to play. Smart guy.

Anonymous said...


A loss is a loss is a loss. There aren't any good losses. And yes, smarter than you.

Next loss for the Aggies...UNM who beat USC and Oklahoma State on the road.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason Groves, stop ragging on Remi why are you closing the books on this kid? Dont hate already and give us more Remi.

Douglass in Houston

Anonymous said...

USC and ok st, despite having power conference pedigree, are not good teams. Unm will be tough, but those wins don't prove a whole lot.

Anonymous said...

Those wins for Miners were on the home court of Oklahoma State and Southern Cal. The last time the Aggies played in those stadiums, they were blown out.

The only significant Aggie road win was in Albuquerque.

UNM is a better team than we played earlier in the year. The Aggies aren't as good as they were.

I hope the Aggies can regain whatever it had it lost. I think sitting Kabongo down for a while is a great thing. I hope the Aggies can pass the ball like they were earlier in the season, and play disciplined ball. (I am doubtful that they can.)

Unless NMSU can find what it had early on, UNM will come into our stadium and walk away with a "W".