Monday, December 5, 2011

Last post on Remi Barry

This will be the last time I talk about Remi Barry until he actually plays. He can not redshirt. He has already sat out a year, so barring an injury related medical redshirt, he has four years to play. If he never sees the court, it would be a wasted year and he would have just three years. Personally, I don't see that happening. People can think he is the next big thing and that the Aggies would have beaten Arizona with him playing. Or, you can side with the coaches simply not thinking he's ready. He hasn't played basketball for two years, he hasn't practiced with the team for a week while they were on the road and the last two games have been competitive contests. With a week of practice this week and some winnable games at home, I would expect to see him get onto the court sooner than later.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if Remi's any good or not. I do know that, after seeing that mess the Aggies made in Mississippi, that putting him in wouldn't necessarily have made the Aggies play worse than they did.

And speaking of that game and at least one other loss, the Aggies didn't pass the ball as well as I'd seen earlier. The players, one in particular, seemed to be a lot more concerned with his own scoring than being unselfish with the rock.

Am hoping to see more passing and more selfless play. And if Remi shows his face, super.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest issue that the Aggies are having at this point is the lack of bench production. Southern Miss outscored our bench 24-8 and Arizona outscored them 21-12. We have a hard time to make baskets with our starting five in there and it seems to get worse when we sub players in. There is not one person on the bench that can be a game changer this season or who can step in and carry the load for the team. I think that will ultimately hurt us in the long run. I mentioned posts back that this team didnt have any stars but was filled with role players who hustled. That only works until you find yourself needing a star and realizing that you built a team filled with role players. The Aggies need someone to step up and take control of this team.


Anonymous said...

Aggies are going to lose versus superior talent but are good enough to give WAC teams a game. Was expecting to measure that talent in a Murray State tilt but So. MS was better than NMSU for long stretches. Worn out teams went to double OT in the final. Saw the Racers up in Bowling Green, KY where they handled WKU convincingly, something NMSU could never do, even under Lou, back in the Sun Belt. I think Jesus is correct to say they are role players. Therefore I anticipate more upside for the team as the season wears on and they play within the system. JG, you and Jack are pointing out the assist disparities in the So. Miss games. That's got to be the low water mark for the season as far as team play goes. I place my faith in Marvin to pull them together.

Anonymous said...

Good luck placing your faith in Marvin to pull anything together. His assistant coaches are trying anything they can to get his attention during games and time outs, but he's listening to his own little kumbaya symphony.

Anonymous said...

Why is it the last Remi post? This kid is a game changer. Cant wait to see him light up the sky and get the rest of the team off their butts.

Anonymous said...

I am not convinced the Aggies are coached well enough to take advantage of the talent that is on the floor or off (the bench).

So it really doesn't matter if Remi plays or if we talk ourselves blue about how good he is. Might as well talk about the new floor, which is pretty nice I might add.

Anonymous said...


Remi Berry is not a going to be a savior, he is a skinny freshman and needs at least another year to get stronger to play in Div 1.

His shooting from what i have seen at practice is okay at best, not even as good as Gordo.

I hope Berry proves me wrong, but I do not see him contributing much at all this year.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Aggies once again over-rated. At least we have a new basketball floor.

Anonymous said...

Remi will be good.

Bandja Sy is the key to this year's success/failures. In the games we've won, Bandja has scored in double figures. In the games we've lost, he has been a non-factor. He's a matchup nightmare and I'd like to see him get some more touches around curls and within 15 feet of the hoop. That would also open up some space for him to knock down a couple 3s.


Anonymous said...

We'll see how the Ags do in the DHC in El Paso.

If they rebound, pass and hit free throws, all is well. If not, look out.