Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CK suspended indefinately

NMSU announced tonight that Christian Kabongo has been suspended indefinitely from the men's basketball team. CK is an emotional player but Sunday's events at UTEP kind of forced the school and the coach to do something.

I was expecting a benching or something of that nature and was somewhat surprised by the suspension, but it is what it is and I think the Aggies have players capable of filling the void.

"In the interim, I think guys will both have more opportunities and some who haven't had opportunities will have some. That's the advantage of having depth is being able to go to different guys," Marvin Menzies said.

The two likely candidates to fill in for Kabongo, at least in the starting lineup are Bandja Sy, who was a starter for early parts of last year and who needs some sort of spark to get him going offensively. Freshman Daniel Mullings is a high energy guard, but probably not polished enough offensively to start. I also think freshman Terrel de Rouen should play more. Menzies said on the coaches show that he expects Remi Barry to play tomorrow or at least in the upcoming games.


Anonymous said...

That's great news. Now our assist to turnover ratio should decrease. Maybe while he is thinking about the stupid stunt he did, he can work on passing drills.

Anonymous said...

NMSU living up to the thug life. Just what employers everywhere want to see.


Anonymous said...

Something else must have happenned behind closed doors. In any event, good for Menzies for putting his foot down for once. He has never been assertive even when players such as Gillenwater, JY, and otehrs may have deserved it. Maybe this will help to send a message to the team. Ironically, perhaps this is the spark that this team needs.

Now, I hope that a player as talented as CK learns from this and returns from his suspension with added discipline and team first mentality. He has the potential to be great.

I think Sy should be inserted into the starting lineup, and Barry can come in as the 6th man. Ideally, Ham plays the 5, Big Wen the 4, Sy the 3, Mullings the 2, and Laroche the point. Watson and Barry can come off the bench. Now that I'm writting this I realized how much depth we have. Menzies should go 10deep in the rotation and really play a full court , pressing D the entire game.

Anonymous said...

Representing NMSU is a privilege. If you can't represent the school properly, you shouldn't be wearing the uniform. Period.

Maybe Kabongo will learn something about keeping his emotions in check and his head in the game. Maybe that will help the team win games instead of walking out of their rivals' gyms with heads hung low and tails tucked firmly between their legs.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: I was wondering if Wendell still thinks the Miners are an embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Groves, do you expect CK to be back on the team? And if so, when?


Anonymous said...

Seriously some NMS athletes are an embarrassment.

While men's basketball leads the way even the girls are no angels.

Violent thug on the softball team beats up her teammate.

Three felons from the volleyball program ,how they ever kept that one out of the news is amazing.

What is unfortunate is that these bad apples give the whole group a bad name.

Anonymous said...

They should revoke his student visa and send him back to Canada!

We don't need dirt bags like CK representing our school!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is suspended. With that said, I hope he learns and comes back as a better representative of NMSU, player, and person for the experience.

I applaud NMSU athletic administration on taking swift and just action. I look forward to good, clean, fun basketball from the Aggies basketball team.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was CK's tattoos of dice on his neck that first tells you. "I am not a trouble maker."
In other news, it looks like Remi is going to get his start this week or next. Lets give him a shot! Nothing left to loose, coach.