Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Aggies need to accept what they are...

This is going to sound like the dumbest and most obvious blog posting ever.

But in order to beat Utah State and anyone for that matter, the Aggies are going to have to score.

They aren't a defensive team. Never have been, never will be.

They aren't a tough team this year. Their best players are finesse players who care more about scoring than defending. The Aggies  have to embrace this and be aggressive on the offensive end. The first game against Utah State, Marvin Menzies said the Aggies did a good job defensively, holding Utah State to 59 points. Well, NMSU only scored 49. Utah State is much more comfortable playing those games. The Aggies can't win unless they are in the 70 point arena.

NMSU somehow leads the league in scoring in conference play with 73 points per game (USU is first in defense, allowing 60 points per game) but the Aggies always have a stretch, sometimes long, multiple stretches...where they can't score.

The solution?

At least my solution would be, get Troy Gillenwater in the paint.

The Aggies' centers have not been effective. I understand that Troy Gillenwater is a good shooter and would prefer facing up, but the Aggies won't win with him out there. The fact is that Gillenwater is the best offensive post player in the WAC, but he has settled for jump shots for much of this season. It would be more difficult physically on Gillenwater to play that way, especially injured, but to me getting his complete offensive game going is the only way the Aggies advance next week.

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Anonymous said...

What do you know? They looked like a defensive team to me last night?