Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first reaction to JY arrest

It's been interesting seeing the ups and downs of Jahmar Young's career at NMSU the past three years.

He proved that he could play at a national level against Michigan State, where he also handled himself well in front of national media and the Michigan papers relating to his comments about Spartans guard Kalin Lucas before the tournament, which were blown out of proportion to begin with. But he was his usual self before the game, engaging with reporters etc. After the game, his comments about the officiating aired on ESPN the next day so Young made a name for himself a little bit. Perhaps that led to his decision to enter the NBA Draft as a junior. I'm not sure. Haven't been able to speak with him.

I don't know what will happen regarding Sunday's arrest, but this is Young's second arrest in four years at NMSU. Say what you want about police overreacting, JY being misunderstood. The fact remains that there are two arrests that were both very public for the university in nature.

Earlier in the day, Young and Jacoby Patton were each taking part in Saturday's Walk M.S. 2010 with other Aggies players.

I would like to see NMSU discipline Young in some form or fashion prior to any decision in the courts. I doubt that will happen, but at some point, the university and the men's basketball program has to pick an image and protect it. You can only back your student athletes to a certain point, right? Everyone makes mistakes, but how many mistakes are Aggies fans willing to put up with for the sake of wins?


Anonymous said...

Certainly the facts need to be brought to light. If Young did do what has been reported, then, in my opinion, he needs to be released from the team. I'm all for giving the guy a second chance, but not a third.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of these wanna be basketball players give our school a bad name!!

Does the term, "lack of institutional control" ring a bell? I hope nobodys surprised as, it is runing rampant in our athletic department.

This latest set back should cost Menzies and or Boston their damn jobs!!

Disgusted Aggie

Anonymous said...

Why are details so slow to come out?

Jason Groves said...

Slow? The incident happened at 3 a.m. on Sunday. There isn't even a police report yet

Anonymous said...

Then it's slow work by LCPD.

Anonymous said...

Walking around campus with your wiener exposed and assaulting a police officer are two very serious charges!!

JY is not a good person. He and and his 20PPG avg. need to be sent packing.

Anonymous said...

Cut him!

We signed that 6-4 player from West Virginia yesterday. This just will let Menzies go out and get another.

Anonymous said...

Time to pull the plug on this "Thug" and his disgusting jail style tattos!! He dresses like a damn criminal and acts like one too!
He has done nothing but bring bad news to our school since he got here!!

However, the AD will look the other way (again) because he can score.
Instead of preparing kids for the game of life. We are preparing them for a life of crime!

Shame on the Athletic Department for allowing these punks to enroll at our beloved university!

Ex-BBall. Season ticket holder

Anonymous said...

It's over. Menzies just announced that JY is not returning for his senior year and Jacoby has been dismissed from the team indefinitely. Time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Yo JG, what new recruit from West Virginia? I thought you were on this?

JY who?

Anonymous said...


With the Gibson graduating and JY gone, the Aggies now turn to their very balanced front court game. Gillenwater could be next years POY in the WAC. Rahman has proved to be a force. And we all know how valuable Wendell McKines is. Bandja Sy could also be special. This is still one of the better teams in the West especially if LaRoach continues to produce , Gordo has a good senior year, and we get another solid shooting guard that can play defense (hopefully Kofi Mensa). This will also be the first year that Menzies will be coaching only "his" recruits (minus Gordo). I think people forget that JY was a Theus recruit. All in all, I think the program is heading in the right direction. JY was great, but what a time bomb. Menzies has proven his ability to get great talent to Cruces so I'm confident that New Mexico State basketball is gonna have some great seasons in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

AMF, Jahmar.

Anonymous said...

So ex bball season ticket holder. You going to eat crow? buy tickets again?

Anonymous said...

You know, people argued that Reggie brought us good basketball players but bad recruits. I just dont see the difference between Menzies and Reggie, I mean Reggie had more of a fire to him and the fan base wasnt as horrible as it is now. But yet again, another recruit is dismissed from the team before he even steps on the court? Where is the talented recruiter that we hired a couple of years back? He has to pull of a miracle to replace our top two scorers and frankly I wouldnt have minded or cared if both players stayed on the team. Because lets be realistic, there is no way Boston or Menzies were going to dismiss JY so best thing to do is just push him to hire an agent. JY and them two save a little face and Patton is sent out the back door even though there have been players on the team that have been forgiven their first offense. I dont know why Patton was dismissed when JY was allowed to stay despite his adventures. You need another guard, why throw away one that has already been one year in your system.

Anonymous said...

Patton was not a scholarship player and was on the team via nepotism. Check out his bio.

Anonymous said...

Gillenwater and Rahman weren't scholarship players when they arrived either. Maybe, just maybe Patton could ball. I recall Theus had his nephew on the roster as well.

Speaking of Theus, it was his recruits that didn't pan out (save J. Gibson). JY, Pope, and Nelson all had demons they couldn't exercise.

From what I heard (I've talked to both cops and friends of JY) Patton was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he chose a bad time to mouth off.

Anyways the nucleus of this team now are all Menzies recruits and are all solid. Rahman, Gillenwater, McKines, and LaRoche. Those are all solid players.

I don't know why people continue to compare Menzies and Theus. Besides fan support (which has been hurt by seat premiums more than anybody likes to admit) there is no comparison. Menzies is clearly better.

Anonymous said...

ANON at 12:10.... Menzies had told JY he was going to be released. JY decided to hire an agent so since JY is doing that. NMSU doesn't have to release him.

Anonymous said...

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