Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jahmar Young era comes to an end

I haven't spoken with anyone yet regarding Jahmar Young's departure (I'm on vacation through Saturday). It's kind of a shock to me, but in the end, as I said before, it's the right thing for NMSU. I hope it turns out right for JY as well.

Is there a correlation between Jahmar's arrest and the announcement that he is hiring an agent? I think it's fair to assume that, but Marvin Menzies has proven over time that he is willing to bend over backwards to protect his players, even though lets not forget that Young was not his player. Nor was Herb Pope, Tyrone Nelson, etc. I wonder if Reggie Theus is still as highly regarded by the Aggies fanbase? You could argue that perhaps Reggie's personality could have controlled these players, but what you rather have at NMSU because it seems to me at a school like NMSU or other mid majors, you have to take risks in the players you bring in. Either suspect character guys or guys that are risks in the classroom. We've seen both at NMSU, but I do believe Menzies is trying to bring in guys who are good players and good people first.

Now some recruiting news as the signing period opens today (Wednesday). Rivals and other sites have reported the commitments of two players, who I haven't been able to reach as of yet and NMSU seems to be playing it close to the vest this offseason. But I have been able to reach out to a couple of people and maybe cross off a couple names off the list that I have read about and been curious about.

Former NMSU wide receiver Chris Williams said his brother Marcus Williams has not been contacted by NMSU.

I also spoke to the AAU coach of Cal transfer DJ Seeley, who was a top recruit out of high school. His name has been linked to NMSU, but all the coach, Etop Udo-Ema said, was that NMSU assistant coach Paul Weir had made a call inquiring about Seeley. Udo-Ema said he has been heavily involved with Seeley since he decided to leave Cal, speaking with the player every day. Florida and Saint Mary's seemed to be the biggest names after Seeley, with an unofficial scheduled this week at Saint Mary's. WAC schools Hawaii and Boise State are also interested, along with most of the Big West schools.

Regarding this year's class which now has three scholarships with hope for a fourth if the Aggies' APR improves, Menzies said nobody will sign today, but visits will happen the next two weeks as the signing period runs through May 19.


Anonymous said...

Not defending Theus here, but if Menzies wanted high character guys from the jump, why not let these guys out of their commitment and let them leave when he got here. He obviously saw the talent and new that he needed them as much as they needed him. With the exception of Pope, most of these guys were mid major kids and probably wouldn't have caught on anywhere other than their hometown teams. In most cases maybe not even there, and that's why they ended up in Las Cruces to begin with.

Aggie007 said...

Now that we have moved on from our leading scorer the past two seasons, who is going to use this opportunity to step up? If Gillenwater takes care of his responsibilities in the classroom this Spring and summer, I could very well see Gillenwater as NMSU's premier player; averaging 20 and 10. Second, I see Rahman building on his STRONG finish from last season. He should be one of the top big men in the WAC if he continues to progress.
The big question is who is fill the 2 guard spot? Gordo Castillo? I like Marcus Williams. I could see him coming in and fighting for minutes.
About people looking at Reggie differently now that HIS players are mostly ALL gone. He did an great job and got W's. Groves is right that his personality was perfect to control the guys he was bringing in. He had a way of letting them know he was in charge and his style was basically, "I've got bigger b@lls than you, so deal with it."
Maybe that is something Boston looked at, or should've looked at when making the decision on bringing in Menzies. He should've asked, "The types of guys we have, will they walk all over Marvin? Will they respect him?"
Maybe he did do this and assumed the risk for the next 3 years, just hoping nothing would happen.

To be a competitive team, we need a great shooting guard. Gillenwater and Rahman need to use this as a great opportunity and work their @sses off this summer. McKines just needs to do what he does; and I don't see why LaRoche won't improve either.

Groves, good reporting. Keep us up to date on any possible recruits. Perhaps Brandon Knight? Josh Selby? I hear they are still available. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cmon Groves. No names? Solid verbals? What about Kofi Mensa and the center from Notre Dame prep? We have to get another scoring guard to make up for the loss of Gibson and JY.

Anonymous said...

JY says he's done with Las Cruces but, Las Cruces ain't done with him.

Just because he's gone, his legal troubles are far from over. Battery on a Police officer is a felony.
If this goes to court and he is convicted. I'm sure the the DA will bring up the "wiener" incident back in 2007.

He could very well spend a few years in Southern NM Correctional Facility.
This guy had it all and is in the process of losing it all, and there's no one to blame but him.

Is a fellow bloger and lawyer. Can you give us your insight, buddy?

Lawyer in my own mind

Unknown said...

There is something terribly wrong with this picture. First was Tyrone Nelson who left the team because of a run in with a pizza delivery person. Now, Jahmar Young is gone from what I can tell was a desperate measure to feed his child. I doubt very much if the basketball players at Kentucky have to worry about where their children's next meal is coming from and I assume this is done in ways not to offend the NCAA. I'm sure there are many Aggie supporters who would gladly donate food once a month, even if it was left on doorsteps and anonymously. Somebody is really dropping the ball here. Perhaps asst. coaches should be responsible for making sure the families of their players have enough to eat, and if not, dropping a few hints and addresses in the right places. I don't really think the NCAA would squawk about such anonymous-food drops. Wake up Las Cruces! These are people you count on to give you hours and hours of entertainment through their spectacular efforts.

Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about annie?

Anonymous said...

maverick.annie drops a satire bomb, full of rage on the blog

game sportswear said...

Well, he has really played good in his time.