Monday, July 27, 2009

Contract info

There is a Regents meeting on Wednesday where the Board is expected to approve a number of coaches contracts, but Marvin Menzies is the only head coach on the list. It's actually an extension through 2012 so his salary doesn't increase at all. Following is a list of incentives that are included in his original contract, some he's already accomplished, some are within reach if the Aggies have a good year this year.

$15,000 — winning a conference regular season title
$10,000 — winning a conference tournament championship
$10,000 — 17 or more NCAA wins in one season
$20,000 — Qualifying or appearing for the Postseason NIT or the NCAA Tournament
$25,000 — Reaching the Sweet 16
$35,000 — Reaching the Final 4
$50,000 — Winning a NCAA championship
$10,000 — Winning conference coach of the year
$15,000 — Winning the national coach of the year
$15,000 — Being nationally ranked by one of the major polls at year end
$20,000 — For academic accomplishments, including earning a team APR of 925


Anonymous said...

Only 50k for winning a championship? Didn't Theus have something like 500k built into his contract for accomplishing that?

Anonymous said...

The guy inherited a 25 win team, and has a 38-30 record, and no postseason to show for, yet, gets a new contract??!!

C'mon people!
Menzies teams are known it's mediocre play and .500% records during the season.
The fact that thy get hot the last week of the season is meaningless if they don't get to the postseason!

I'd fire him and bring back Reggie, ASAP!!!

Tu Papi

Anonymous said...

What is the buyout? Both for NMSU to buy him out or for any school wanting to buy out his contract.

I know Reggie had a clause for UNLV and the NBA so we didnt get any compensation, does Marvin have anything similar?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:39
No teams are coming after Menzies, unless we fire him, his buyout is a mute point.

A contract extension for no postseason play?!
Man, we've really lowered our standards!

SupportsMM said...

God, I'm so sick and tired of the the jilted Reggie lovers. get over it he's gone. AND he didn't leave us in the spot so many of you believe he did. Menzies as already proven to be an equal to Theus in the recruiting aspect. And Theus was never that good of a coach to begin with, so lets go over it. Menzies deserves the extension, and we have him locked in right now at a bargain.

how can you say Menzies teams are known for "mediocre" play? We won a portion of the regular season title his first season, and lost in 3OT in the WAC championship. Then we get screwed in the semi's by two TERRIBLE OFFICIATING calls at the end of the USU game. We took on the best team in the conference and had a chance to win the game. I don't see how thats par for the course.

Also, it's MOOT, not MUTE, you MORON.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Boston may be next to exit stage left if we keep giving guys contracts and they dont produce..crazy what NMSU has come to.

Aggie007 said...

Totally agree. Who cares what Menzies' buyout would be should another team try to get him because that IS NOT going to happen. No other schools are knocking down Dr. Boston's door to hire Menzies ... c'mon.
In terms of buyout money, I'm more concerned now with what the contract says regarding letting him go before his contract is over, because realistically that has more of a chance of happening.

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys just don't get it!!

Here's a few ?s..
Does he fit our community?
Is he good for our kids?
Do we appear to be moving in the right direction with menzies?
Does the extension help the program with recruiting players?
Are the current players the type we want representing nmsu?

He's ours let's support,but that's just me....

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:17
"Are the current players the type we want to represent NMSU?"

Here's your answer. They can't represent us because they are academically ineligible!! At least Reggie had the HUEVOS to pull scholarships from academic casualties.

How many postseason tournaments has Menzies taken us to? ZERO!!
He inherited a team that was loaded has no postseason banners to show for.
Yes, we lost a 3OT Championship but, it shouldn't have been close. He decided to use a full court press the last five minutes of the game, instead of jumping on BSU early to break their morale!

Go play on I-10 and take Menzies with you!


Anonymous said...

My first question on the buyout is
"...for NMSU to buy him out..."
Obviously i know no one is knocking down the door for a .500 coach in the WAC.

Anonymous said...

In two years, Menzies is 2-4 vs. our rivals.
Being swept by Utep w/ a loaded team last year and then being swept by UNM this year gives him a contract extension??!

I agree with one of you posters. Man, weve really lowered our standards!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's a great idea fire Oh brother what a bunch of pessimestic fans. Don't let the economic woes of the country bring you down or whatever it is that ails you. I know the man (coach Menzies) and his family personally and fully support his long term plan for the aggies. Trust me fellas we got a good one here with a plan to run a successful program for years to come. Do me a favor hold back a little on the negativity till after year 3. I love how everyone talks about the great team he was left. You must be refering to Hatilla, Fred, and Justin because I don't think Herb,Jaydee,Deangelo,Tyrone,Paris Carter and JY at the time(missed all of non-conference that year due to academics)constitute a great team. Yeah Troy and Wen have to miss a few games, but I don't think I would kick them off just yet would you? Maybe coach should do their work for them...NOT! their young men their being held responsible for their actions. Last time I checked that was a good thing. Pretty sure we have enough talent to hold us over while their out. Hey Papacito why did you only answer one ?. I happen to think That Troy and Wen are big-time players that will be major contributers to the program when they grow up a bit. How about the rest of the team. I quess JY hasn't developed and Hernst, Hamidu and Gordo aren't solid kids in your opinion either.

Have A Nice Day....

Anonymous said...

To anon 9:40am
Are you kidding me? Marv was left with a championship team. For a matter of fact they beat that same boise team twice and even at their place that year. Marv just got out coached in his first season. Its ok that you know marv personally and all because i am sure he is a good guy. But as far as the coaching aspects i still know that he is a great recruiter and not a great teacher. He is over his head in the game and if you dont see that then your blind. I wish him luck and support the aggies but the truth is the truth.

King Pistol Pete!!

Corn Dog said...

I'll also make $50K if the Aggies win the NCAA on the $5 parlay I lay down every year at 10,000:1 odds. Hey, Tom Watson almost won the Open, right? It could happen. Don't have to go through all of the effort of actually coaching the team and getting the bid ... that's what the base salary covers but Menzies isn't allowed to bet on sports (sucka!).

Aggie007 said...

I completely agree with King Pistol Pete. Marv = good guy, sure ... but below-than-average coach. Also, as a recruiter, he hasn't had any home-run recruits ... McKines is good, BUT that's just one AND he's gonna be academically ineligible this season.

Anonymous said...

Gillenwater was a highly touted recruit. How can our steady hand at point not be considered a home run with laroche either? Then we have this season to see the new crop of guys he brought. I hate people who make up their minds after only 2 seasons. The guy is still learning and to deem him a sub-par coach is jumping the gun. Give the guy an honest chance to keep moving in the right direction.

Unknown said...

I concur with Anon 10:01. Expecting a 2nd year head coach to be a tactical genius is unreasonable. Instead, look for improvement in game management from year one to year two, which we definitely saw.

The trend is in the correct direction.