Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A previous poster asked about Wendell. I spoke with Coach Menzies a couple days ago and nothing has really changed. Gabriel is 50-50 as far as leaving, he said everyone else is coming back, including Wendell. It's just a matter of if he missed a handful of games or redshirting for the entire season. It seems like something that will be determined in the fall. ... A couple of scheduling tidbits. Northern Arizona backed out of a game due to a conflict so the Aggies have two non-conference games to fill and the Aggies are trying to make them home games. Don't expect another high major road game and nothing in the Northeast. The UCLA game will be the marquee game on the schedule. Both UNM and UTEP home games will be before students leave campus and the university is working with the WAC to get ESPN interested in the UNM/NMSU opener on the first week of the season.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jason. Nothing on N'Doye then I guess.

andgar said...

have you heard anything on jonathan gibson. Did he pull out of the draft or is he going to stay in?

Jason Groves said...

Anon 8:34. If Ndoye ever becomes an Aggie, he won't be on campus until late July. I will let you know. Andgar. All I've heard on Jonathan thus far from NMSU is that he hasn't been invited for any workouts.