Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gomez is official

Deshawn Gomez signed on Thursday. I hope to talk with him in the next day or so so keep an eye out for that. It's still way early but the Aggies seem to be developing some depth in the backcourt and the frontcourt. Gomez and redshirt Justin Standley are both guys that are considered combo guards. And with Watson joining the team next year and B.J. West and I assume N'doye, there is a mix of players now along the front line.


Anonymous said...

Goooo Marvin!

Anonymous said...

hey Jason whats with the rumor that Mckines is out due to grades. I saw it on the Scout board

Anonymous said...

Does this mean N'doye will not be eligible for a scholarship? Or does it sound like Standley will be redshirting without one?

Anonymous said...

Do I have this right? 09-10 roster...

PG-LaRoche, Joyner?, Gomez, Standley
SG-Young, Gibson, Castillo
SF-McKines, Lumpkins, Watson
PF-Gillenwater, West
C-Rahman, Gabriel, N'Doye

That's 15--making one of the above out, right? Or can they travel with 15? Is it Joyner? Merker gone? Britt out?

Seems like a really deep team if evryone comes in as advertised. Hope they all don't need minutes.

Jason Groves said...

Anon at 2:23. I'm looking into it. It seems like after the spring semester there is always someone who doesn't get it done in the classroom and is a question mark but somehow everything is fine after the summer sessions. I would be shocked if Wendell missed any court time next season, but that doesn't excuse any underperformance in the classroom.

Anon 8:48
Joyner's gone and N'doye is still an enigma, but other than that, your depth chart looks good. It appears to have good depth and a different mix of skills throughout the roster. I believe Merker and Britt were both seniors last year and there's talk of a local guard Zach Adams as a walk on

JJ said...

Just some reading about some local interest re: the NBA draft analysis

Jonathan Gibson, New Mexico State
Unlikely to be drafted.

Kyle Gibson, Louisiana Tech
Unlikely to be drafted.

Magnum Rolle, Louisiana Tech
Unlikely to be drafted.

Kareem Cooper, Texas-El Paso
Unlikely to be drafted.

Anonymous said...

Merker still has a year left of eligibility, he will use it while attending grad school.

I've heard Gabriel has asked for a release. So that make him out along with Joyner if it's true.

JG, nothing at all about N'Doye?

Anonymous said...

I know this is kind of off, but JG, Is NMSU recruiting Alex Kirk from Los Alamos? I know that if Gabriel leaves we will have 1 spot to fill at C. Alex is the best when it comes to local talent, are we even in pursuit of him?
Thanks for the answers.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone anywhere ever heard of this kid Gomez? I read his stats, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Can't really find anything about him or the competition he played against.

Aggie007 said...

Good riddance to Gabriel. The big-man played like he was missing his fingers! Lets hope Rahman has improved significantly and BJ West is legit.

Go Aggies

Unknown said...

Personally, I thought Gabriel played like a nervous freshman more than an untalented hack. He was the only player who set a decent screen all year. I would've liked to see him develop, and not take the APR hit, but we'll move on and be alright.

Anonymous said...

As usual I agree with Justin, and disagree with 007. I felt Gabriel's ceiling was higher than Rahman.