Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorry, but read this

I apologize for the lack of posts, but each time I thought perhaps the Aggies were interested in someone, that player committed. The two occasions recently were Michael Williams from Taft in L.A. and the other was Shannon Sharpe, another combo guard from Centennial High in L.A. Sharpe graduated last year and went to Laurinberg Prep but never played there and he committed to Colorado last week.

The Aggies have three scholarships to give, according to Coach Menzies. The Aggies have offers out to a center and power forward (if you remember a certain big man from Africa) and one out to a combo guard and there is also another guard the Aggies are interested in from the west coast.

This of course means that Terrance Joyner was issued his release, which shouldn't come as a surprise but the story will be online later this evening and I'll put a link up. Also included in that story will be a note concerning Assistant to the Head Coach John McMullen, who will be mulling over retirement this summer. Menzies said if McMullen does leave, he will not be replaced.


Aggie007 said...

I've been asking all Spring why were weren't on the recruiting scene, getting out there getting the first crack at some of the best recruits. And everybody was arguing with me that we didn't have any scholarships to give out. It's a shame we have waited this long. We need a big man and they get grabbed up quicky; at least the quality big men do. Chris Gabriel and Hamidu Rahman were late pickups and you can see why after their freshman seasons.
As for coach McMullen; we NEED to replace him with a coach who can relate to the players, while motivating them because nobody on the staff does that to any significance now.
For T.Joyner: If he were a player of value, aka Herb Pope, Wendell McKines, Jahmar Young, he would be back with the team. I think he wasn't that good and his airport mishap gave the coaching staff a REALLY easy out.
PS. Again Mr. Groves ... where is the article about McKines' recent run in? He got angry and damanged his gf's vehicle or something like that, and consequently was cited ... where's the story???

Anonymous said...


Rahman red-shirted last year. He has been enrolled at NMSU since 2007. Gabriel committed to NMSU after the early signing period in December. They both were not late pick-up. Do your homework next time.

Anonymous said...

To heck with the big man, how about a power forwards who can play bigger than they are? Find a 'tweener like McKines.

And why are we looking at guards? Guards we have.

Anonymous said...

007, I was going to ask the same thing. I remember the "anonymous" posts blasting you and a few others for suggesting that NMSU needed to be on the trail. Going on about walkons and 0 scholarships available and how could everyone be so clueless. Well as it turns out there were 2 available, and with Joyner's departure, now there are three. Let's hope we can still bring in some quality athletes this late in the game.

As for Joyner, I think the biggest thing that led to his release wasn't the airport case, but the play of LaRoche. LaRoche proved to be a great talent, had he struggled on the court, they might have needed to find a way to keep Joyner in Las Cruces.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Menzies HAS been out on the recruiting scene, so your concerns are/were unfounded. What makes you think he "waited?" Did Marvin forget to call you to let you know what he was up to? Do you think that maybe, just MAYBE, Marvin's sources didn't leak (for once)? Also, as far as the McKines rumor, are you sure Wendell was arrested or was it just heresay? I can't seem to find the incident on NM Courts, though I have heard the rumor as well. My guess is that Mr. Groves would need solid documentation to run a story.

Jason Groves said...

We did run a brief story on Wendell's "incident" According to a police report, McKines and the mother of his child had a disagreement regarding child support and he was arrested after damaging the childs grandmothers vehicle. He went to court 10 days later, has a 250 fine to pay and is on unsupervised probation for 90 days.

As for why it wasnt on my blog, i feel like it's worth reporting so we did in the news section


Anonymous said...

No offense JG, but that story was buried. I don't think anyone knew it was written.

Anonymous said...

Wat's wrong with you people, trying to dig up dirt?! Like your lives are so perfect!

If you want gossip, go buy the National Inquirer!

Digging into someone's personal life is absolutely disgusting!
If you want to know about Wendell's personal life, stop him at the mall and ask him!
I guarantee your gonna walk pretty funny with a size 15 up your @$$.

Anonymous said...

With all that's going on in the world do you really think that the McKines incident deserved front page headlines and it's own after school special? Geez people, dude's never been in trouble here, always busts his butt for our university, never been held out for academic reasons, but because he kicked his ex's car in frustration he should be roasted on the front page of the newspaper? Would some of you really get that much satisfaction out of seeing this story blown out of proportion? Is it something you have against this kid McKines or just the university in general?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Sharpe committed to Colorado. He was suppose to sign with them last year, but ended up going to prep school. Rivals.com, and Scouts.com is not showing he is committed to Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Reggie will come back if McMullen departs. Now that Reggie is independently wealthy, and did not fill any of the coaching vacancies, maybe he will come back and help out Marv. Cause Marv sure needs the help!!!

Need to release at least another player or two as well.

Jason Groves said...

Anon at 8:15. I should have said where i got that from. His high school coach from Centennial told me that he came back from a visit and made his verbal last week. The coach said Sharpe worked out with the team throughout the last high school season after things didnt work out in prep school

Anonymous said...

I found a website that said he committed to them. My bad.