Thursday, December 4, 2008


From reading various things lastnight and today I learned a couple things that were hard to determine listening to the game on the radio.
I think Aldrich being in foul trouble early on contributed to the fact that game didn't turn the way it ended up until the second half. Rebounding continues to be an issue for the Aggies. I think that their forwards are their best rebounders and hopefully one of their centers will assert themselves on the boards as the season goes on.Finally, the Aggies have proven that they can score and that should carry them in the WAC if their rebounding doesn't pick up. The 79 points they scored tied for the fourth most scored at Allen Fieldhouse in Bill Self's six years at KU. Score there and they can score anywhere


Anonymous said... mean like MSG, which is where they'll end up?

Aggie007 said...

I think we're seeing some good things from Jon Gibson ... he seems like he's stepping up; except that the type of guard he is, he only had 1 free throw attempt ...and missed. I thought he would want to draw more fouls ... JY, as predicted, is doing very well ... he just needs to stop launching 3s .. 1-5 isn't going to cut it ... Our best rebounder, McKines, needs more than 2 rebounds ... sheesh. Gillenwater is playing well ... 3 blocks, 15 points, and two steals while shooting almost 50% is great!

Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

I saw the game last night (my first look), and frankly was not impressed. KU "might" be a Big XII competitor by year end, but at this stage they are not very good. Outside of Cole Aldrige and Sharron Collins, they are very young. Of course, their youth is better than our youth, but still raw at this stage of the season. I thought the Ags played largely undisciplined, which seems to be consistent with their undisciplined nature off the court.

JG is right on target. Aldrige getting in foul trouble early had much to do with the Ags keeping the score close most of the first half. NMSU despearately needs to improve their rebounding and become more disciplined in their offensive and defensive schemes. The good news is they're a young team and they are only six games or so into the season; there is plenty of time for improvement. Also on the positive front is Gillenwater - he definitely has talent. Here's hoping MM can coach this young team up. Go Aggies!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Most games where you shoot 38% from the floor including 33% from downtown and convert 66% from the line, you don't win.
Unless you're in the Pit with 12,500 fans supporting you and the refs give you 33 tries from the charity stripe. Case in point: the Lobos v Southern Miss the other night.
Walking away from that perfomance, where three So.MS players fouled out versus none for the Lobos, would make me embarrased to be one of the 12,500. In fairness to the zebras they did give So.Miss 27 FT's - - game must have been a stinker. I'll stick with the Aggies, win or lose, it's been exciting so far.
PS. Aggie 007 - good points. I'm afraid that McKines' element of surprise is gone this year. Rahman should work on getting more body fouls and Gillenwater less fouls to free up Wendell; i.e., clear the lane out. Team rebounding?

Anonymous said...

We have to rebound better. We don't need Big Wen scoring 15 points when he's only getting 2 boards. I'd be much happier if those numbers were flipped.

Jimmy C said...

I'm still a Dennis Rodman fan and have taken crap for it. A lot of people didn't like his "flare" shall we say, but rebounding wins championships. He has the rings to prove it, if he hasn't pawned them. The '09 Aggies are draining so many shots compared to the past two years, there aren't as many offensive boards to be had out there.... Wendell scoring is just taking away another rebounding opportunity he would have had last year when Passos or Iti rang the back iron continuously from close range. Last year there were several games where the Aggies took 70 or more shots and just barely won or even lost! So, as Bob Knight said last night on the Jimmy V. Classic, it can be a deceiving statistic. You can pile up 8 or 9 boards when your team is missing like 30 or 35 shots.

Anonymous said...

Not to take anything away from Rodman's minimum 17 rebs per night and Jordan's will to win. McKines is a man playing a child's game. His first Crimson & White slam dunk contest a year ago, pitted against the unspeakable one, Herb Pope, showed that both of those guys were gifted players - different physically from everybody else on the court. Wendell will get the board if it comes off the rim near him.

Anonymous said...

Lobos are one team the Ags can out rebound. They played San Diego Tereros last nite and Tereros got, like, 20 off boards. But they only scored 54 pts and lost by three. The Lowblows fouled SD 23 times with a little skirmish breaking out (double-technicals) with 18 secs to go and the game on the line. Tereros missed the last second 3-pt shot. Sounded like an ugly game with lots of cheap shots, so the Aggie fans can expect to see that at the end of the month when the Howler-monkeys come to town.

Anonymous said...

We need more content JG.

8bit Cynics said...

Since there has not been any recent blog posts I will take this time ragging on the Utah State Aggies. First of all, I'm a die hard New Mexico State Aggies fan so naturally, the thought of the Utags gags me. But I do respect their traditioned program. I think they have one of the great coaches in college basketball that has stuck around Logan instead of seeking higher pay at a bigger school. I respect that. But my problem with the Utags lately has been their gutless schedules. Of course they're 5-1. The only good non-conference teams they play are their in-state rivals BYU and Utah. The rest of the schedule includes Cupcake State, Montana A&M Tech, and the scrappy Houston Baptist.
C'mon Stew! Have some balls. This is mid-major college hoops and for some reason, you refuse to go play great teams from premier conferences. Maybe thats why you lose first round NIT games against 7th place Big 10 teams. You are a great coach with a solid program, but please represent the WAC with some balls. I applaud any mid major who plays a challenging non conference schedule.

JJ said...

I didnt think the Aggies looked that impressive last night. I don't know if it was looking ahead to UTEP, if it was the middle of finals week or some other distraction. I hope that they put it all together for the game on Sunday. I think the experienced players (with the exception of Wen), just played so so. However, I am pleased with the progress of our big men. If they continue to progress, we should have some decent play from them come conference play .

On another note, I am still curious how the chemistry will change when Terrence Joyner joins the team. Hopefully it will give them lots of depth and not take away too much while they adjust.