Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pre draft camp

Here is a list of players from the Orlando Pre-draft camp. You will notice there are no NMSU names, which isn't too surprising, but Justin Hawkins had a chance I thought to be invited after playing pretty well in Portsmouth after the season. I'm watching a game right now with JR Giddens, who the ESPN guys said was having a good camp. Marcelus Kemp is also on the list.

I talked with Fred Peete last week. Fred said he had hired an agent and was planning on attending some camps down the road, hopefully earning a tryout with a team. I'm no NBA scout, but it seemed to me that Hawkins, Peete, for his size and ability to score and defend, and Martin Iti, have the potential to play basketball for a living somewhere. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

They will play pro ball somewhere in the world.

They do need to get their degrees.
They are not going to get Multi million $$ salaries playing ball and their careers will be over by the time they hit their early 30's.

I'm not being negative just realistic. Good luck to all of them!

Anonymous said...

well said, anon 2:02...speaking of pre-draft camp, didn't Jaycee Carroll get snubbed also or his taking part?

Anonymous said...

Justin and Fred have been good for the NMSU program. Fred is the most overlooked and under appreciared player we had on our team this past year. Fred sacrificed his scoring to be the floor leader, team leader and stand up guy. Thanks Fred and good luck to you.


I agree. Fred Peete is a very good player. He could've been the leading scorer, but the team needed him to be the floor leader in order to be successful and he took on that role with pride. I hope he gets a chance in the NBDL because he deserves it ... He's got the body & mind of a professional basketball player ... Good Luck Fred!

Anonymous said...

any word on the basketball schedule?

Anonymous said...

Hawkins was in Orlando at pre draft camp.