Friday, August 30, 2013

NMSU 2013-14 schedule: Nov. 23 Game 7 at UTEP

The Aggies play the Miners eight days after NMSU's home opener in Las Cruces.

Something to watch: It's been tough going for the Aggies in the Don Haskins Center the past two seasons. The Aggies led the Miners in El Paso for much of the game but two turnovers in the last minute and Chris Washburn, who left UTEP this offseason, got an offensive rebound that looked like an over the back on Nephawe that went the other way. Washburn made two free throws to seal the win. I think it could be a similar grind it out game and give the Aggies another chance to hold on to a lead and close out a game. This was also the first game Daniel Mullings played last year with his jaw wired shut.

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