Thursday, August 23, 2012

NMSU hoops non conference

Here is what I've been able to put together. I think it's a better overall schedule than last year despite the absence of a big name opponent. There is a realistic chance to get a win over a Pac 12, MVC and Conf. USA team. There is also an opportunity for the Aggies to get off to a good start and we saw how that helped last year as opposed to previous slow starts. Finally, with a young team that will need some time to figure things out, you don't want a really difficult schedule when in all likelihood the Aggies would have to win the WAC anyway.

Nov. 11 — @ Oregon St.
Nov. 15 — Southest Louisiana
Nov. 17 — @Niagra (Tournament)
Nov. 18 — vs. Bucknell @Niagra
Nov. 21 — Highlands
Nov. 23 — Louisiana Lafeyette
Nov. 28 — @UTEP
Dec. 1 — Southern Miss
Dec. 4 — @South Alabama
Dec. 15 — @UNM
Dec. 19 — UNM
Dec. 21 — Missouri State
Feb. 23 — UTEP

Drake will be returned next year. South Alabama comes to Las Cruces next year
The UTEP date fills in for a Bracket Buster date.


Anonymous said...

Pretty late in the season to be seeing UTEP.

K Aggie '98 said...

Nice that the UNM game is scheduled after the end of the Fall semester!

Anonymous said...

bad planning to have the UNM game after the semester in LC ends.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Boston scheduled UNM when the students are gone for the semester!!
However, it's on Aggie Vision, Yaay!

With and AD like Boston, who needs enemies.

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Anonymous said...

Well what do you expect from Boston & co.?
If they forgot about the conference re-alignment up until a couple of months ago.
You can understand why they can't even look at a calendar to see when finals end.

The NMSU AD dept. should be called the ADD department!!!

Anonymous said...


Do you know if there be a return visit from Oregon State in the 2013-14 season?


Jason Groves said...

The Oregon State game is a single game. The only game I'm aware of that is a return game for next year is south alabama. The Aggies go to Drake as well next season.

Anonymous said...

that is a good non con schedule that will give some good tests. if they get through it, they should walk through the new and depleted WAC conference. nmsu is going to see its crowd size dwindle and the money will go with it. poor leadership at the top will do that to you.
good luck boys, we will see you in the arena.