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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Canadian stud?

Pitt transfer and former Mcdonalds All American Khem Berch is rumored to be considering NMSU.

With Sim Bhullar already on campus, this web site lists Berch and Bhullar as the top 2 2011 Canadian center prospects.  Missouri and apparently Kentucky are also two places  that would take Berch, who was a starter at Pitt.


Aggie007 said...

I had been wondering about a possible connection with Berch and hoping he'd consider coming down here. He'd be better off coming down to Las Cruces with a team full of Canadian student-athletes and being one of the MAIN stars. He'd probably only need to stay one year before heading to the NBA. I could see him playing next to Bhullar at the 4 and next to Barry at the 3 with Kabongo (if he's still on the team) and Mullings at the guard positions.
I hope he really does come here. It'd be a great move by him. The last time we had a player of his magnitude, it was Herbie Pope, who should have stayed. He's not going to the league anymore. Had he stayed and played great during his sophomore year, he could have gone to the NBA the same way Babbit of Nevada did. But no, he went to Seton Hall and go lost in the shuffle.

Jason Groves said...

007 the prospect of the lineup you mentioned is exciting. College players transfer all the time it seems in today's college basketball and NMSU should certainly pursue a player of that caliber since they have Canadian players on their roster and a person like Paul Weir on the staff

Anonymous said...

Aggie007. If you looked at Herb Popes stats this year, you will see he is a machine. Yes I think he is a bit of a dirty player but he will be in the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Pope is having a fantastic senior year for SH- one of the better rebounders in the nation and a solid 57% from the field. He has a good shot at the league now that he has embraced the post and stopped trying to be LeBron.

Aggie007 said...

I think you're right about Pope: Looking at his stats, 22 ppg and 12 rpg, he will probably be drafted in the 2nd round. He has detractors though. His attitude, maturity level, health concerns if you remember him collapsing last year with a serious heart ailment, and the 2012 draft is going to be stacked. The point I want to make is he could have been a top 20 pick in 2009 had he stayed at NM State. Scouts eyes were on him big time and all he needed was one great year.
The same could be for Khem Birch (with an "i", not "e") if he came down here. With Rahman and McKines graduating, there will be a major hole in our lineup that Birch could fill starting in December 2012.
C - Sim Bhullar
F - Khem Birch
F - Remi Barry
G - Christian Kabongo
G - Daniel Mullings
C - Chili Nephawe
F - Banja Sy
F - Renaldo Dixon
F - B.J. West
F - Tyrone Watson
G - K.C. Ross-Miller
G - Eric Weary

Anonymous said...

Barry won't start over Watson if the Birch kid comes here. Wonder how close the Canadian Aggies and or Paul Weir are with him. Mizzou is in the running as well and they are very good right now.

Hope he comes to LC

Anonymous said...

Pope --- In my opinion, he's a head case whose played a quarter of a season of good ball in 3 1/4 years of playing in college. We'll see how the year pans out when conference play begins.

Berch --- Great if we could get him, but for more than a season of ball. One year isn't going to do the Aggies or Berch much.

Anonymous said...

like Hernst says, it doesn't snow down here, eh hosiers?