Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Anonymous said...

go back and read bostons quote on the release about scott lieberwirth taking the golf job at utep. boston is such a fool. a counter offer? the guy is the best thing in that athletic department and you make a counter offer? wtf? boston is such a fool. he should have locked scott up for a long time deal with more money,instead of taking care of his BOY marvelous marvin menzies. something is definately wrong at that place and its boston. what a joke. good for you scott, go do your thing, be happy and get treated the way you should be treated. now watch all the golf talent at nmsu get the heck out of dodge!!

Anonymous said...

Great for Scott. Guess money from UTEP means more to him than allegiance to the school. Who had who over a barrel?

NCAA hoops makes all the money to support tourneys for the other sports (golf for instance) so why should any school be sucking up to any golf coach?

Anonymous said...

It isnt about sucking up to a golf coach, but more about how you treat people who work in your department. When the golf coach is the most successful coach on your campus, while adding to the student-athletd experience AND his team has good kids and great do all you can to make that person feel comfortable so he or she will stay. Boston is such a clown he can't get out of his own way.
Good luck Scott. I know you will build that program and win titles there.