Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Potential scholarship

I was talking with McKinley Boston and although the APR report isnt made public until next month I believe, Boston said he is "pretty confident" that the Aggies will regain the 12th scholarship for next season. They currently have 11 scholarships this season for a number of 0-for-2s between the Henson and Theus transition

Boston also said the Aggies are in the running for the College Basketball Invitational if things don't work out this week in Reno. Hosting a game probably determine if the Aggies would go ahead and accept an invitation, which they turned down last year.


jimmy said...

I'll go watch one more game if they hold it! The season was fun and made more fun by getting the info you provide, JG. See you all in two days time when the Aggies ride the Broncos to the bell. Yeeee-haaawwww!

After that, look out, Stew...move over for Marvin.

Anonymous said...

Turn down the CBI.

Anonymous said...

Althought I dislike the CBI, I think that it would be a good game for us. Last year we had everything to play in the NCAA Tourney and it made sense to turn it down after such disappoinment. This year however, we have a young team and any kind of postseason play will help us next year. I think its a good idea if it comes through.


Anonymous said...

The CBI is a joke and a waste of money!!
Don't count on me in attending.

I'd rather see Menzies spend money on Tom Izzo's rebounding and defensive school!
He's got a lot of learning to do!

Anonymous said...

JG. That scholarship could go to the Michael Williams kid from L.A. who has reportedly received an offer from the Aggies. I dont know if we need another scoring guard, but who knows.

Anonymous said...

JG excellent article in the paper today (3/11).

Anonymous said...

Does NMSU have to pay the $60 grand to play in the CBI like utep did last year?

Or better yet, does NMSU want to pay $60 grand to play in the CBI?

Aggie007 said...

Damn Jimmy ... turn down the ass-kissing of JG. Wow!
On the topic of this invite; accept the invite only if we don't have to spend 60K. Imagine if we lose badly during our first game, which is a reality with our coaching staff; all that money will be out the window and we'll have one L to show for it. Let them simply scrimmage some playas at the Activity Center. It's FREE.

Anonymous said...

Damn you people freaking complain way way to much.