Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vs. Idaho

Theus is here.
And Gabriel is starting
I don't know which one means mroe

de Souza


NMSU 16, IU 14 11:20
Both teams started off well shooting. . I think the Aggies might go small for the majority of this game because Idaho has some athletic players and they aren't that big

NMSU 21, Idaho 19 7:41
Idaho is keeping it close but I have the feeling that the Aggies are significantly better than this team, just waiting for a run

NMSU 28, Idaho 25 3:33
Wendell McKines and Troy Gillenwater provided a little boost, combining to score the Aggies lastseven points and Gillenwater is shooting 1 and 1 coming out of the media. The Vandals are settling for the 3 where they are 3 of 10 and the Aggies are going inside. When the Aggies are in man, Gibson has done a good job on Hopson

NMSU 40, Idaho 35 HALF
The lead could be bigger if the Aggies could have gotten back in transition late as Idaho guard Trevor Morris hit some 3s to keep Idaho close

NMSU 48, Idaho 40 15:44
Idaho started 2- of 5 and it seems like Gibson's defense has translated to the offensive end here early, as he has scored the Aggies last four points

Idaho 61, NMSU 59 7:31
Idaho just took its first lead since early in the first half, moving the ball around in the zone and finally getting it inside

Idaho 66, NMSU 62 3:48
Gillenwater shooting two out of timeout. another idaho transition triple gave them a four point lead.

NMSU 74, Idaho 71 FINAL


Anonymous said...

Wow, the Aggies wouldn't have beaten "national powerhouse" Idaho without internationally acclaimed coach Marvin Menzies and his "nationally rated" coaching staff. This game was an exciting match up between two juggernauts of college basketball. I hope Jay Bilas features the Aggies on ESPN tomorrow...this was a huge win. I'm sure Jack Nixon will make it sound like we beat Duke or something. Let's give Menzies a 10 year extension this

Sounds stupid, doesn't it?
That's how all of you sound when you go on and on about how Menzies is such a "top notch" coach. Menzies and his staff bites, this is turning into a pathetic season.

The Lobo fans were right...the Aggies do need Theus!

Greg said...

I understand that Rahman overslept and was late getting to the game. Can you confirm this for us Jason?

Anonymous said...

Anon 825 -- The last thing we need is Theus. the first thing we need is to give Menzies time to teach this young guys. Have some patience.

Aggie007 said...

While Anon 8:25 might be a bit jadded with Aggie basketball, I have to agree with him/her. I was at the game last night and it was so pitiable that I could've taken a nap. Only when I saw Reggie Theus in the stands did I wake up. I wish I could've gotten his opinion on the team. Then I got to thinking, "Do you think, just this one game, Reggie could come down and coach and Marvin Menzies could go sit in the stands." But, this is reality. The men's basketball team lacks quality coaching, the fire and determination they had when Theus was in control. The game was so boring that most people left at halftime. I am extremely disappointed with the state of NMSU men's basketball and I stand by my comments that Marvin Menzies is an Assistant Coach in a Head Coach's position.
In 2 years, Dr. Boston [if he is still here and not at LSU] is going to let Menzies go and bring in another coach. I say, "Why not do it now and hire Theus?"

JJ said...

Anon 8:25 is sure a hater. And not very knowledgeable about the teams around. I doubt he/she is even an aggies fan, but a Miner or Lobo fan who comes on here just to stir things up. If he/she HAD been at the game or if he/she HAD been paying attention to what has been happening around the WAC, then he/she would have been aware how good Idaho has become and is one of the biggest surprises of the WAC. They played some hellacious defense, so it was a good job our Aggies did to pull out a win.

Anonymous said...

007 we wouldn't have the quality underclassment we have now under Theus. We'd have the thugs and drama queens that Theus needed to lift his ego. Menzies is a better recruiter. Menzies is a better coach. Menzies is not as charismatic as Theus. Two out of three ain't bad. Especially when only two of them count in the LONG RUN.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the advice Theus gave Marvin at dinner Wednesday included; "Have all of your subs and four of your starters shoot 50% or better from the field and then let JGib fill in any lulls with ad-libs?" Can you confirm this JG because it sounds like Theus deserves the credit for the Aggies remarkable perfomance last night...

Anonymous said...

for the record neither menzies or theus are that good of coaches. they were both good recruiters and came from same coaching tree. remember, theus was 16-14 his first year which is what i expect. however, the advantage theus had was he was very charismatic and more demanding (which i like as a coach) his players were THUGS for the most part but they respected him regardless. thats was 13 years in the NBA will do. im not to pleased with menzies but at least he wont get out program in trouble with the ncaa as theus almost certaintly would have!!

Anonymous said...

Idaho WON AT Nevada by 5, NMSU fans should consider this a good win. I am sure none of the Aggie coaches and players are happy with the 9-9 start, but where is the support from the community? Why would bluechip recruits would want to come to Las Cruces with all the "fair weather" fans we have? Las Cruces has too many fans that think we should become Gonzaga in one or two years. Be patient, have realistic expectations and support the team.

Jason Groves said...

Greg. Rahman missed class

Jason Groves said...

anon 2:28 p.m.
I agree as far as Idaho's win being a quality win because I think when everything is said and done, the Idahos and Fresnos of the league will be pretty tough outs come tournament time and whatever wins the Aggies can do to get a three or above will be huge

Anonymous said...

A close win is better than a close loss. This team had failed to execute all season on close games and the Nevada game was a good indicator of that. Idaho beat Nevada and played us tought here but the team responded and I think thats what counts the most. We didnt lose, we won. Man, knock off the whole Menzies crap. We just got over Mumme and you cant just support our coaches for once? I dont see anyone calling for Coach Spence to leave despite the bad season the women are having. Theus was good for NMSU in certain aspects and bad in some. Just support the team and the coaches already.


jimmy said...

Anon 2:28 and JG are right on each count. Every school has its fair weather fans as well as haters. I was down in the tunnel. After the game, the core of the team last night was so proud that the team delivered a win to the community. Wins aren't easy to come by in a league with parity and what else can they give back to the fans? One glance inside the gym told you that the seats were empty. But the 6,800 were as loud a crowd as I've heard since UTEP and UNM. The guys were filled with pride to give that first WAC home win back to fans who stick by 'em, yell, sing, applaud, blog, tune into road games, and usher the aisles. One win isn't much, but this one meant more that just a win over "powerhouse" Idaho. Aggies don't have time to be concerned with the haters, they're focused on performing in front of the basketball fans (short for "Fanatics"). The NMSU players know they can't be taken lightly in the WAC and it was eating them up that the 2nd half of the previous 3 Pan Am games let the air out of the building. You could tell afterwards that the fan reaction to the win made a small accomplishment mean all the more to the guys.

Anonymous said...

Can someone name 5 thugs that Theus Brought in cause i can only think of 2. Be careful and do your research cause if you say Tyrone or Eli then u didnt do ur homework. Lets be real Idaho was really not that great still and we are not playing well either. I hope we can turn this ship around to the winning ways again!!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy and GS, those were great posts. Spot on.

Anon 10:09 - Herb Pope was another. Tyrone, clearly. EI, questionable. Gibson, not at all. JY, he was iffy at first, now he's solid (thank Menzies, even though JY's b****y aunt doesn't think much of MM). Also brought in questionable guys concerning academics.

Be real. Idaho is improved, and plays sound basketball.

Aggie007 said...

Theus did not bring in thugs. As the previous poster said, Tyrone was recruited by Lou Henson's staff. The only "thug" appears to be Herb Pope ... and EI was not a thug. He was a leader on the team and stayed outta trouble.

Anonymous said...

Theus is gone. You people need to get over him.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that the reason the Idaho game was big, besides the fact that they can shoot the rock from "3", is because the Aggies were ratcheting up more and more pressure on themselves, psychologically. Early in the year they were playing loose with low expectations. The UNM loss was bitter to the Aggies because they knew they choked it a little, costing them the home rivalry game. Then came Nevada, the OT disaster, and another 2nd-half collapse vs UTags. If Idaho wins, the tension would ratchet up incrementally more. Let's hope that now NMSU remembers they're playing the game for fun and when you're playing loose like that you perform way better. Look at my golf game after the 4th or 5th beer. This win enables Aggies to get more out of the 6 days of practice and recovery. Boise and Idaho(II) games are going to be a war after the last time Aggies met these teams. What would Theus do? Well he doesn't have Coby Karl to do the Woody Hayes clothesline on??? Thug recruits would have come off the bench instead of their coach. I know it's something he already had to apologize for, but this job was a stepping-stone the day Reggie signed on. Would you rather have a destined-for-stardom guy or a Stu Morrill-type coaching at Las Cruces? They're not booing, they're chanting "Stuuuuuuuuuu..."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so JG - In a chance encounter with Lou Henson on MLK's birthday holiday, I asked him what he thought of the win over Idaho? Maybe he was responding to some of these critics when he said that ID's coach and players are a big improvement over what he saw last year. Incidentally, reading in Lou's book he talks about recruiting black players from Mississippi during the summer of 1964 (Freedom Summer). Bet not everyone knows that Lou was integrating basketball at Hardin-Simmons while the "Bear", Don Haskins was following a similar route to winning his national championship (for some school down in El Pase, which will remain nameless). I don't think the Bear was recruiting down in Mississippi during that turmoil, like Lou's account, though I could be wrong.

Jason Groves said...

nice timely post anon 11:33. I have met Coach Henson on one occasion since I've been here so I always enjoy people's accounts of him

Anonymous said...

JG - Lou laid his book on me when I met him. It is an astounding basketball book. I'll bet you can find it on the shelf at COAS.
"Lou: Winning at Illinois"
Like Lou mentioned to me, there's a ton of Aggies and Las Cruces info in it. You'll be amazed!

Anonymous said...


I like your stuff, but how are you the basketball guy and your last post was two games ago?