Thursday, August 21, 2008

Starting 5

A previous poster wanted to predict the starting five for the basketball team this season.
Assuming the roster holds up eligibility wise and in a perfect world, here's mine:
PG — Jonathan Gibson
SG — Jahmar Young
SF — Herb Pope
PF — Troy Gillenwater
C — Chris Gabriel

Point guard won't be an issue. I think that this lineup is the most talented lineup, but I could see someone like Johnny HIggins starting and bringing either YOung or Gibson off the bench. Center will be a question mark all season, but Gabriel's rebounding prowess could get him on the court a lot.


SM said...

Looks like a good starting lineup, but depth and inexperience will be an obvious issue. I hope Gillenwater is as good in real life as he is on paper. The key this season will be finding a consistent scorer with the absence of Hawkins and Peete. This team has potential, and hopefully this team will be able to minimize the turnovers and establish an inside presence.

Anonymous said...

dang. why doesn't everyone just let the year get going and have it all fall in to place? read a book, take a walk, hit a golf ball or something but stop trying to predict what you have no control over. our guys will be ok, our coach will be ok and the year will be a challenge that they will find a way to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:44, how many offseasons have you experienced? This is the type of things that people want to talk about when the sports aren't in season.

Jason Groves said...

well said

Anonymous said...

I do not want to leave 4:44 dangling out there. He is right, there are better things to do. But now that you have done the starting 5, somewhat prematurely now that Wendell is back, you have a big hole in the lineup. Where exactly is the point guard? There is none since Gibson is a scorer. All good teams have a tough point guard. We almost went down the tubes last year until Peete sacrificed himself for the good of the team and somehow got the job done. I don't think we will go far with two scoring guards and no point man.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of PG.
What's the eligibility status of Terrance Joyner?

I heard Wendell McKinnes is back.
Once and Aggie...always an Aggie!

Jason Groves said...

I was hoping others would post their starting 5, but to defend mine, I put Gibson and Young in the starting five becuase I believe that is their most talented lineup. In reality, I think Gibson would be a perfect guy to come off the bench at the one or the two. JY can also play point. I'm looking forward to see what kind of player Johnny Higgins is because he could be that pure point guard you were talking about. The addition of Wendell wouldnt change my starting five at all, but it gives the frontcourt some depth. As far as Terrance, I don't believe anything has changed. Expect him to miss some games early on and be ready when the second semester rolls the meantime, I like a point guard rotation of Young/Gibson, Higgins and Chris Cole getting some spot minutes.

Anonymous said...

Gibson has improved his point guard skills. Gibson played in that No Classic this summer, and avg about 5 apg. He also avg about 20 ppg as well, so Gibson will be the starter at the point guard. Joyner will be the back-up point guard, and Higgins will be the 3rd guy at the point, and at the 2 guard since Higgins is a combo guard.

Anonymous said...

Unless Joyner impresses, I see Gibby with the start at PG. He's been here for three years. And he definitly deserves a spot on the starting roster.

I agree with your 5 JG, unless Joyner just blows people away. Then you have a battle between JY and Gibby to start at the 2 position.

Re: Gillenwater

I've heard he's a stud, but he's going to be a freshman. Does he really get the starting nod?

Anonymous said...

If they are going to be productive with such a young squad, they will need to play a high paced game much like the last two Aggies teams. This means plenty of minutes to go around, and extra ball handlers. I don't think who starts will be as important as minutes played, but here's my armchair starting lineup.

PG - Higgins/Joyner--whichever establishes himself. Need a true point to get Pope/Gillenwater/and Freshman Center the ball.
SG - Gibson with Young first off the bench (Gibson then moves over to the 1). He's really a score first guy, but needs to be on the floor.
SF - Pope
PF - Gillenwater
C - Gabriel