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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe friday

Even though today is the first day of the regular signing period, expect something hopefully by Friday. I do have one piece of information though. Throughout the signing period, expect the Aggies to sign two and perhaps three new players to the fold. The likelihood of one being the seven footer from holland is unlikely.

As I have stated before and in a recent story for the paper, the big guns for next year's class are already on campus. I think at this point, Menzies is just adding depth and possibly a jc big man


Anonymous said...

Theres no way to replace a player of McKines calibur this late in the game.

I hope all 3 of the recruits are JC guys, so they've got some experience and some potential.

That and it gives us some room to sign some of the higher profile players in the years following.

Anonymous said...

not so, anon 12:54...

McKines himself was recruited at a much later date than this...

Let us see what MM has for interesting!

Anonymous said...

No kid from Holland! Did he fail a drug test?

How about the Swedish Bikini Team? That will bring in the fans!!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

Ok so I think that everyone is wondering what will happen to Pope, JY, Gibson and Fat Cat. Everyone knows that Pope, JY and Fat Cat are here because of Pompey and if he leaves they leave. This will happen according to one player and if Gibson leaves as well then who do we have left. I was just wondering of the worst case scenario which would be that in fact. Just something to be prepared for because if that does occur then we are in a real hole. We would be left with Gordo, Britt, Dominguez,Carter from last years team. Gillenwater, Lumpkins, Hamidu, Gabriel, Joyner and Faisal along with the recruits that he gets. That is not a very experienced team at all fellas and if Joyner has trouble being cleared which Teddy says he might then we have no real point guard in the roster. What is the game plan then? Again, this is just something that popped into my head today and wanted to think what you guys think. I hope that things dont go this way and we keep most of our players but just a thought


Anonymous said...

Dude, Fat Cat can't go anywhere.

He transferred here.

Anonymous said...

Fat Cat can't play at this level and needs to go D2 or NAIA. Menzies will figure it out and have a solid team. I see the women's team signed what looks like another good post player. They have a good group of young guards and forwards so having a scoring post will make them. How does coach Spence keep signing kids when know one has heard if he will be back or not? Has Boston taken care of him? Groves, why don't you check that out. Go Aggie hoops.

Anonymous said...

Why are we worried what fat cat does? He did nothing for the team, other than turnovers and crazy shots in the lane. I can careless if fat cat leaves. Once Menzies stopped playing him, the Aggies as a team started to play better.

Anonymous said...

Actually Cole can transfer, but he will lose his Junior year if he does decide to go, because he already used his red-shirt when he sat out last year when he transfered to NMSU.

Anonymous said...

Actually Cole can transfer, but he will lose his Junior year if he does decide to go, because he already used his red-shirt when he sat out last year when he transfered to NMSU.

Anonymous said...

Friday has come and gone and no signings. Does anyone even want to play for Menzies??

If Menzies want more fans to attend the games he should put Lou Henson on the bench.
That way Lou can sit him on his lap and teach him how to be a Head Coach at the D1 level.

Spence is getting his contact renewed, that why he keeps signing players.

The guy without a contract is signing kids and the guy with a contract is losing kids!

Ganja Boy

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big Fat Cat Cole fan but I would hate to lose him. What he does bring is a competitive fire. He is not a great leaper. He is not very quick. However, he does play hard on every possession.

Maybe if Cole focused on losing 20 pounds of baby fat and worked on his mid-range game I might change my opinion of about how much floor time he should see. Right now, he is a career reserve point guard...

Now back to the original blog. JG, how much longer until we hear something about Aggie signees? Is Menzies having some issues? Or, are we just waiting on (NLI) paperwork before their announcement?

Anonymous said...

Groves, I know you're a busy man but theres a lot of us wondering how the transfers will affect our APR.

Maybe you can shoot out a blog explaining the whole situation and how any kids who do / did leave affect us, while we wait for signing news.

Thanks in advance.

Aggie Fanatic

Jason Groves said...

Thanks for understanding. I have been busy, but I haven't forgotten about signing period. I just haven't had anything to report.

As to your APR question, here is a link to a story I did on that situation.

In it you will see that transfers such as McKines, Jones and Luster will count against the schools APR just because they are leaving.
"Each student athlete is worth two points per semester towards the APR score — one point if a player is eligible for the following semester and one point if a player returns the following semester"

Hope that helps, but if not feel free to email me anytime

To the blogger asking about Coach Spence,
I believe this was in a previous post, but my understanding is Darin Spence will receive a new contract, but it has to be approved at the next regents meeting, which i believe is May 9